Creepy Socially Awkward Psychological Traits Funny Comedy Report Launched

Rather Be In The Mancave, a men’s lifestyle and entertainment website, announced a new humorous report on a study on psychological and social traits associated with “creepiness”. The report uses scientific research for entertainment and educational purposes.

Men’s lifestyle and entertainment website Rather Be In The Mancave launched an online report on a series of psychological trait perceived as socially-awkward. The report is based on recent psychological research.

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Social awkwardness has often been associated with negative labels such as “creepy”, “weird” and many others. However, a thorough study of what the exact psychological and social traits behind such labels has yet to be produced.

Knox College launched the results of a study trying to find what are the common traits associated with “creepiness”. Taking a more humorous tone, the Rather Be In The Mancave report summarizes the findings and discusses some possible implications.

One of the most important findings of the study is that “creepiness” is more often associated with men than women, with many women perceiving “creepy” men as potentially dangerous. This is in line with other findings of the study, showing that “creepiness” is associated with a variety of jobs and occupations that are also socially linked to men.

The jobs that are more commonly associated with “creepiness” are clown, taxidermist, sex-shop owner and funeral director. There are, of course, many other jobs that can be perceived as “creepy”.

Hobbies and pastime occupations can be perceived as socially awkward as well. Such is the case with collecting dolls, insects or body parts (especially teeth), as well as bird-watching, taking pictures of people and many other.

Finally, the report concludes that “creepiness” is a “response to the ambiguity of threat”, often a result of “non-normative non-verbal and emotional behaviors, unusual physical characteristics and hobbies, or suspect occupations”.

Rather Be In The Mancave links the recent popularity of the topic with the trending stories on major news networks, and uses the findings of the study to create a humorous portrayal of a typical “creepy” man.

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