Creemers Dental Center Glyfada New Advanced Dental Implant Procedure Service

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Creemers Dental Center Glyfada has defied convention in the Implant dentistry market with a advanced Dental Implant Procedure “all on 4”. Further information:

Earlier today, Creemers Dental Center Glyfada Athens finally announced for the start of 2019 its new Advanced Dental Implant Procedures service, which has been in development since 1988. Our service is going to offer the customer highest quality dentistry for reduced prices and superfast, even difficult cases mostly done in 1 to just a few days… but it does so, with a difference.

Walter Creemers, Head of Clinic at Creemers Dental Center Glyfada Athens, says: “We individually and as a dental team have already many years of experience in these procedures, but we know that for most people it is something new. Anyone familiar with the Implant dentistry market will probably have noticed how many other dentists place implants, but not all of these dentists place also the prosthetics on top of these implants and in most cases after delay of 3-4 months. This is a problem because that confuses the responsibility state. Which doctor is responsible for what action..” plus customers do not like retarded results.

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Creemers Dental Center Glyfada Athens will instead not only offer both services, implant surgery and prosthetics but we do that simultaneously in one session. You will always leave the same day with new teeth and always fixed. We garantee that you can place your old dentures in the rubbish bin. Plus we garantee that you can chew from the first day of surgery.

Creemers Dental Center Glyfada chose to be unique in this way because Dental Implant Industries have become highly advanced and permit dentists, who are special educated and equipped to do this “immediate loading” techniques, what provides a much faster end result for the patient as all patients prefer to have their teeth done better yesterday than today.

Walter Creemers also said “We want to give our customers A brilliant new Smile, Social Confidence, perfect Chewing possibilities and so enhanced quality of life again. With our new Advanced Dental Implant Procedure service, we want a happy patient to leave our clinic with a perfect smile. Not to forget that in patients with good health there is almost no risk as it is indeed a very succesfull treatment worldwide and that is why we offer a 5 years guarantee. That means that if an implant fails ( despite a general high successrate of over 95%) we do replace that with a new implant without cost.

Creemers Dental Center Glyfada Athens has been around for more than 30 years, being established in 1988. Since Day 1 we have always aimed to deliver top dentistry with highest value for money in a superfast way, offering VIP treatment to every single customer.

Before 1988 we had a Private Clinic in Amsterdam Netherlands mainly Aesthetic Dentistry while from 1982-1988 i was postgraduate educating simultaneously in implant dentistry.

Now in Athens we are a 4 member family dentist team:

My wife, our son and myself, all 3 dentists, especially trained in one day total treatments and our daughter responsible for Clinic Public Relations.

We work different than any other clinics as we treat often only one patient per day. We call that VIP treatment. We have many business managers and ambassy Diplomates who have been so thankfull to our team for this high speed. Imagine the time we save you in this way plus the money you save for not having to visit the clinic over and over. The new Advanced Dental Implant Procedures service is set to launch Instandly. To find out more about the service and Creemers Dental Center Glyfada Athens, it’s possible to visit

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