Credit Score Repair Reducing & Consolidating Debt Tips Report Released

The Uber Amazing website has published a new article outlining various strategies for realistically reducing and consolidating credit card debt, with some unconventional tips included.

An report outlining various strategies for realistically reducing credit card debt has been launched on the Uber Amazing site. For more information on the report go to

A recently published report by Uber Amazing, “14 Creative Things You Can Do To Pay Off $10,000 In Credit Card Debt”, outlines a series of manageable hints and tips to reduce credit card debt, consolidate debt, repair credit and improve a credit score. Often, it’s difficult or impossible to take out a loan or apply for finance with debt.

Tips include: negotiate with utility and service providers on bills to save hundreds, allowing the savings to be allocated towards repayments; moving credit card debt over to a lower or zero interest rate, but remembering to leave the existing card active; and looking for rebate offers on necessary items of purchase and cut or reduce expenditure on non necessary items.

Other tips revolve around the use of technology, and how to save money or make extra money, to help pay off that credit card debt. These include: earn an extra $250 per month by registering with a social media watch company and watching sponsored videos; earn extra income without an additional job or work hours by installing a media company app on a working handset, allowing them to conduct research and measure user activities; hosting an online garage sale on sites such as eBay, Tradesy or similar to earn extra cash for unused items; install Slidejoy, an app that seeks evaluation of ads from its users, and be paid to evaluate ads; and, using the Mobee app be paid to mystery shop at stores.

Some of the more unconventional tips for earning or saving money include: register as a personal shopper within a city of choice, to pickup and deliver groceries to the app users to earn as much as $25 per hour; rent out the house, apartment or even just a room via an Airbnb listing to earn extra money; registered voters may register with major polling companies to paid to complete a poll on the upcoming election; be paid to answer trivia questions about recently aired TV shows (note this is not related to Netflix!); and, sign up for free gift card promotions and rebates.

The aim of the report is to show people that there is a way out of credit card debt, and some of the more creative methods, which highlight how money can be saved or how extra cash can be earned without too much extra intrusion on time, demonstrate that there are many unconventional ways to go about it. Visit the link to the Uber Amazing site for detailed explanations of each of the methods outlined in: “14 Creative Things You Can Do To Pay Off $10,000 In Credit Card Debt”.

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