Credit Card Processing Surcharge Lower Fees Prevent Overcharging Service Launch

Payment Card Advisory Group has launched a newly updated service to help reduce credit card processing fees for clients. On average, merchants can save up to 66% and redirect the savings to more important ventures.

A newly updated service has been launched by Payment Card Advisory Group with a focus on helping merchants reduce credit card fees. The specialist team has been helping merchants to save money since 2001, but many business owners are still being overcharged.

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Payment Card Advisory Group aims to unmask the unknown world of credit card surcharges and payment processing fees. They emphasize that 96% of all merchants are unknowingly being overcharged on the fees they pay.

Part of the problem is that credit and debit card processing is unique to each seller, and it can be confusing untangling the issues. Many business owners simply don’t think about the savings they could be making.

Payment Card Advisory Group is there to shed light on these difficult issues and fix them so that past processing overpayments now go back into the merchant’s budget. They work closely with clients, offering a fully personal solution to ensure they don’t get overcharged when they take card payments.

The first step to finding a solution is to ensure that the client is up to date with the most recent information. Payment Card Advisory Group can help business owners to better understand their processing environment and what goes on behind the scenes when they take payments.

There are three primary fees that every merchant pays whenever they accept a credit card payment. These are the Visa & MasterCard Assessment, the Interchange fee, and the Processor markup.

Payment Card Advisory Group can help merchants to stay updated with these and all other fees. They can then work with them to develop a customized solution to ensure they pay the lowest total cost for as long as they accept credit and debit cards. From there, they can redirect the savings they make into more important company objectives.

Most clients on average can save up to 66% on processing costs when they work with Payment Card Advisory Group. Additionally, clients can get in touch knowing that they don’t have to pay the company a penny unless they make money using their services.

The team works with merchants in any field to save them time, money and energy. Their insider knowledge and expertise helps to ensure positive results, while the merchant stays in complete control.

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