Credit Card Interchange Fee Reduction For Merchants Vendor Service Launched

A newly launched credit card surcharge cost reduction service has been launched by Payment Card Advisory Group. They work with clients to help them reduce their merchant fees by as much as 66%.

A new merchant service has been launched by Payment Card Advisory Group to help sellers reduce the fees they pay on credit card payments made by their customer. Their service focuses on unmasking the hidden factors behind the fees and actionable strategies that can be taken to reduce them.

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Research shows that 96% of all merchants are unknowingly being overcharged on the fees they pay to accept a credit or debit card payment from their customers.

However before it’s possible to reduce the cost of credit card bills, it’s important to understand them. Payment Card Advisory Group explains that there are three basic payment processing fees that all merchants pay when they accept card payments.

These are Visa and MasterCard Assessment fees, which go to the card companies, Interchange fees that go to the card-issuing bank, and Processor Markup fees that go to the company doing the processing.

To further complicate matters, there can be layers of charges buried within each of these categories. This makes it especially difficult to grasp when they are not monitored on a full time basis by an expert in the field.

Challenges faced by merchants include knowing how to keep up with the changing rules and regulations and how to get the lowest cost on all fees. This is an area where Payment Card Advisory Group can help.

They are a fully independent service provider, and only work for the client. Because they receive zero compensation from interested or related third parties, clients can trust their advice and judgement.

They also have specialist industry knowledge from years of building relationships and compiling critical benchmarking data. Their detailed services provide a superior ROI in the field and have reduced some client’s fees by up to 66%.

The company states: “Our cost recovery blueprint saves you time and money for as long as you accept credit cards. If you don’t make money with our service, we don’t get paid.”

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