Creative Thinking For Aspiring Digital Entrepreneurs – Business Report Released

Online digital marketing career coach and success mentor, Michael Hehn, has released a report that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to become better creative thinkers.

Michael Hehn, startup entrepreneur and online success coach, has released a report that details the benefits of creativity over conformity. The report delves into the incisive processes creative thinkers apply as a way of discovering innovative business opportunities which can then lead to self-directed, laptop lifestyles.

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An expert in successful entrepreneurial pursuits, Michael Hehn has released a report that encourages aspiring digital business practitioners to look beyond theory and rote learning as a way of generating new thoughts and ideas.

Hehn’s report “Creativity Is…” prioritizes creative thinking as a means to discovering innovative business solutions and provides foundational tips audiences can adapt to achieve these goals.

In his report, Hehn urges aspiring creatives to make a point of learning something new every day. By noting discoveries and researching novel ideas Hehn says individuals will begin to experience a productive curiosity about the world that can lead to exciting business ideas.

Hehn’s report recommends techniques such as mind-mapping and brainstorming to further develop these burgeoning creative concepts.

The report notes that creatives are highly skilled at making connections the general population often overlooks.

By staying actively in tune with events and experiences that unfold throughout the day and investigating things that seem new or unique, individuals can train themselves to become receptive to concepts that can spark innovation.

At the other end of this creative concepts spectrum is the practice of quiet meditation. Hehn encourages those looking to untether their creative potential to make a point of meditating once a day as a means of stimulating high-frequency brain waves that signal attention and perception – activities fundamental to creative problem-solving.

Meditation can also act as a circuit breaker, freeing individuals from overstimulated lifestyles that can drain cognitive resources and limbic systems.

Research shows that mindful meditation does not simply calm the mind, it reduces hypervigilance which by nature stultifies creative abundance.

To help individuals become better creative thinkers, Hehn has bundled a number of tools into his proprietary Boost program. Hehn’s e-book, workbook, slide presentation, checklist, and video course all work together to help transform conventional thinking into innovative creativity.

With the release of his report together with the Boost creative thinking curriculum, Hehn aims to give individuals seeking a self-directed career in the digital realm the tools they need to achieve their desired goals.

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