Creative Ecommerce Platform For Independent Retailers And Artists Launched

A newly launched creative ecommerce platform is inviting independent retailers to join it. Redhie House is a community-driven platform designed to support fashion designers and content creators.

Redhie House, a newly launched creative ecommerce platform, is inviting independent retailers and other creatives to join. To celebrate the launch of the platform, there are giveaways being offered alongside current deals.

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Redhie House is inviting people to sign up for fashion shoots, musicians to release music, gamers to live stream, and YouTubers to distribute content. Additionally, boutique owners and independent retailers can also join the platform that works with drop shippers to save business owners time and money.

The aim of the community platform is to provide a space where women can be empowered through fashion and the creative industries. People have the option to provide online courses to promote their products and highlight how they are best used.

Founded by several industry creatives, the platform is well placed to help retailers, models, and musicians launch their careers. Founding members include Whitney Adkins, formerly involved with America’s Next Top Model, who wants to use the platform to educate people on mental health.

Kavahra Holmes held the world record for the 400-meter dash at the age of 17 and runs a training platform that helps children with football and other sports, as well as life skills. Michael Peatross is an entrepreneur, with a core value that focuses on helping people.

In addition, Jordan Young is a YouTuber who has organically amassed over 150k followers through his engaging content. Dr Chris Cormier helps patients to live a healthy and active life and is passionate about empowering people to take control of their wellbeing. Orlando ‘Flex’ Mouton is a brand and talent development guru and can help creative artists launch their careers.

A company representative said: “Redhie House is a new platform that is ready and waiting to support talented people across fashion, music, and creative industries. We still have limited room available for boutique owners and independent retailers to showcase their work.”

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the website.

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