Creative Bible Study Concepts With Video Lessons Craft & News Website Launched

Bible study Times announces the launch of a website that caters to anyone with a desire to learn systematically from the Holy Bible. The content ranges from animated videos for young children, to topics on prophecy and advanced concepts like the Rapture and the Antichrist.

Bible Study Times announces the launch of their website. The website offers a creative and innovative way to have Bible studies on various topics of interest. The content is applicable to different age groups ranging from young children to teenagers and adults.

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Finding a creative and unique method of Bible study is usually a challenging problem. It becomes even more difficult when trying to involve young children in a systematic and daily time of learning from the Bible. Most children and teenagers are resistant to the traditional methods and media used in any religion education.

The Bible Study Times websites is a useful resource that teaches biblical content in a animated or other video formats. For young children the website has craft videos and other resources on topics such as the most popular children’s Bible stories. It also contains practical applications such as teaching children to lead godly lives.

The Bible Study Times website also has content on prophecies, testimonies of other Christians and also topics relevant to teenagers. Topics specially targeted at teenagers includes content on making Bible study relevant and fun for that age group and concepts like adultery, identity crisis and more. For those with a funny bone, the Bible Study Times website has a section dedicated to humor with captivating content such as the Bible in one minute and children’s version of some well beloved proverbs.

The website is a carefully put together endeavor to create interest and involvement with the word of God. In addition to Bible study content, it also has relevant articles from world news events seen in the light of Biblical concepts. It is an useful tool either for personal Bible study or as a resource for churches and youth groups. It can also be used as a resource for Sunday Schools or Vacation Bible Schools. For more information visit the link given above.

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