Creating A Sales System For Small Business Success

Small business entrepreneurs need to document and implement a sales system to drive an increase in their sales performance.

Craig Ridley, Head Business Coach at YourBusinessCoachingClub said today that small business entrepreneurs need to systemize their sales process to achieve turnover goals.

“Many business owners seem to have a real problem with the selling process” Mr Ridley said. “Whether it is a mindset that selling is a dirty job, whether people have a lack of confidence to put themselves into a sales discussion, or whether owners just want to focus their time on operational aspects of the business, too many small business entrepreneurs fail to capitalize on the benefits of a well-structured sales system.”

In a video workshop presented to members of YourBusinessCoachingClub, Mr Ridley outlined a number of simple strategies small business owners can use to create a successful sales system. These included:

Develop a mindset that selling is an important part of the business model as without sales, the business will not survive.

Don’t outsource the sales process to an external provider, businesses need to develop the internal capability for long term success.

Observe what the best salespeople do and document the process to create a tailored sales system.

Train the team to use the sales system to leverage results.

Manage sales leads with a good CRM and make sure the sales team are always tracking conversion rates for every sales activity.

The member’s workshop was supported by a small business coaching video on creating a sales system from the club’s YouTube channel.

Members of YourBusinessCoachingClub are encouraged to log in to the members area to view the workshop.

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