Create Your Own Video Ads In Toronto Ontario, Save Money Being Your Own Producer

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The video production App known as Human Synthesys Studio allows anyone to create their own video ads for your business in just minutes. This is the latest in Video Production Technology that only takes minutes to learn and launch.Get Your Copy Today.

Video Marketing just got easier for Toronto small businesses that want to launch their own Facebook or Youtube marketing right from their own lap-top, and these video can be made within minutes.

Technology in the video production industry just keeps getting better for people that want to use their own creativity and experience to communicate to their customers and prospects.

They can tell their own story and in their own words and be able to produce an ad within a short amount time just by using this new software released by Oliver Goodwin, Founder and Partner of Synthesys.

The video app technology uses the first of it’s kind Human Like Spokespersons and the latest in voice-engine technology that is modelled after real people. Both the animated character and the voice engines is AI generated from real people.

“It’s probably the easiest app to use, you just select your character, type in your text or message, choose a voice and background, test it out and then send it off for rendering on the cloud based storage and rendering system” says Guy Monague, owner of the website Video Animation apps. Mr Monague produces reviews of the latest in Video Production software, he uses and test every product, he has been an avid user of Adobe Creative Cloud for years now.

“Guy’s main production tools are Adobe products, but I like to find apps that will improve my choices in production and make the flow even faster by having the latest in tools. Software developers in this industry have to be really creative and know what we want as video producers. For me to do a review on a product, it has to be structured properly and meet my immediate needs when I am being creative.” Says Monague.

Business owners can now save a lot of money to develop their own marketing ads on their own time, a short video ad might cost them over $2,000.00, now, if they are willing to put in the effort and the time to learn the software, they can have an ad completed in one evening. The software is easy to use, it’s not like most video production software that has many features, it takes a few weeks to get comfortable with using any software, and you still. only use a small part of the features it comes with.

In closing, I would like to say that Human Synthesys Studio is one of the best softwares I have seen in the last ten years, anyone can produce a great video with this for any purpose including educational videos. The neatest app they offer is, being able to create a clone of yourself along with your voice, can you imagine that, but, it is a special order that cost a little more. Get your copy of the software today and become a video producer yourself.


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