Cranial Osteopathy & Baby Physio Adjustment Procedures For Children in Fulham

Fulham osteopathic clinic & Doctor Marco Pasolini announced the release of new cranial osteopathic procedures. Children of all ages, from newborns to adolescents, respond very well to physio treatment.

Dr. Marco Pasolini, a registered osteopath in Fulham, London, announced the release of new cranial osteopathy treatment procedures specifically tailored for infants and children in Fulham, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Covent Garden, South Kensington and the neighbouring residential areas.

The treatments are designed to gently manipulate the head and spine of babies and toddlers to help babies and children grow up healthy and happy. The manipulation of bones and skull tissue help improve the rhythm of the skull. The very gentle and subtle movements release constraints and correct the orientation of the body.

Whether a child is suitable for cranial osteopathy treatment can be determined after an initial free consultation with the osteopaths. More information can be found at: .

Cranial osteopathy is based on the idea that the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord, has subtle rhythmic pulsations that are crucial for the health and that can be detected, modified, and released by an experienced physician. By applying gentle hand pressure, an osteopath can influence the movement of the body’s fluid movements such as the spine and sacrum, thereby stimulating healing.

Dr. Marco Pasolini and his team of chiropractors have the right training, a deep understanding of pediatric osteopathy, and extensive experience working with babies and toddlers.

A spokesperson for Marco Pasolini’s Health Clinic shared: “In cranial osteopathy, the muscles and bones of the head are typically manipulated by a gentle touch. The osteopaths detect stresses and strains on the baby’s body and determine the type of treatment techniques that they will use to treat the child and restore the health of the body.”

Some parents of children also report that the cranial osteopathy sessions in the Fulham health clinic have helped treat baby colic, colon cancer, and other baby problems. A number of research studies also suggest that cranial osteopathy therapy, as well as other forms of physical therapy, can help breastfeeding and feeding babies with cranial problems.

The doctors are certified and experienced in applying gentle techniques to the baby’s skeleton. They are all fully qualified and respected chiropractors, members of professional associations.

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In addition to the expert osteopathic care, Marco Pasolini’s Health Clinic also offers physio therapies, pranic healing sessions, 1-on-1 pilates sessions, health and nutrition coaching.

Interested parties can schedule an appointment by visiting or calling 020-3441-9013.

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