Craigslist San Diego Stunning Deal For Solar

Craigs List San Diego best deal solar report available from 4 Sons Solar highlights key information for San Diego residents who need reliable facts in order to achieve a zeroed out electric bill.

A San Diego solar company, has put together a stunning deal for craigslist San Diego. For a limited time up to 1,000 cash incentive to the residence with residential solar installation, and no out of pocket expenses, but is only available to those who mention the ad. The solar company is also offering no payments for a year, and that’s not all.

The solar service provider developed an expert report for San Diego residence designed specifically for locals who are looking to zero out their electric bill but are still hesitant to make the commitment to solar. That’s why they created this report as a no-obligation free report that provides in-depth information that San Diego residents need, to make an informed decisions on their home. Many San Diego residents are seeing a reduction in utility of up to 70%. The full report, as well as current offers can be received by getting in touch with the company at their website:

The 4 Sons Solar report contains credible sources that provide reliable information that can be used to make important decisions for family households. Considerable time and resources were used to create the most comprehensive report possible, covering topics such as:

Energy usages and cost – Using the solar heat & map analysis from San Diego Data can tell how much solar energy the house hold is projected to receive.

Utility projections – The report will show a projection of how much of the utility will really be saving.

Long-term savings – The report includes a long-term savings analysis to better understand savings over time.

“A lot of customers are put off by the price of solar panels, but we are doing everything we can to make it easier for homeowners to use solar energy,” said company spokesperson Thorin Lee. “We are offering the most competitive rates in the industry at the deepest discount possible, and we also offer HERO financing with no money down, which makes us competitive with any other southern California solar installers.” HERO stands for the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity program, which offers low-interest 100% financing for energy-efficient or renewable energy products in California to qualifying homeowners, with repayments made through property tax collection. “Once they buy the panels,” Lee continued, “homeowners can start saving money on their energy bills, and they also become eligible for tax breaks and rebates from the power company.”

Another benefit of HERO financing is that the debt can transfer to the next owner if the house is sold before the debt is paid off. “We tell our customers that they only have to pay for the solar panels while they’re using them. Not only do solar panels considerably increase the value of a home, the next owner will very likely take on the cost of paying for them. If you’re planning to sell a home in the foreseeable future, it’s a good thing to keep in mind,” said Lee.

4 Sons Solar Electric sells exclusively American and German-made products because of their high quality and reliability. “There are fewer issues with the modules we sell because they have gone through a lot of third-party testing before they reach the market,” explained Lee. “Our solar panels last a minimum of 25 years. Other solar panel companies San Diego may be selling cheaper products, but we stand behind the quality of what we offer our customers.”

About 4 Sons Solar Electric

4 Sons Solar Electric invites you to take advantage of their limited time Craigslist San Diego special while it lasts. The cost of the report is free and includes the total energy savings projections. San Diego residents are invited to review the report summary as well as inquire directly on the website: or by calling (619) 664-4007

Contact Info: Name: Thorin Lee Organization: 4 Sons Solar Electric Address: 864 Grand Ave. #508 San Diego, CA Phone: (619) 664-4007

Contact Info: Name: Thorin Lee Organization: 4 Sons Solar Electric Address: 864 Grand Ave. #508 San Diego, CA 92109, United States Phone: +1-619-664-4007

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