CPA Tax Accountant of Phoenix Expands Bookkeeping Services To Real Estate Agents

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Leading CPA Firm in Phoenix announced the expansion of their bookkeeping services to realtors and other businesses in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding cities.

CPA Tax Accountant of Phoenix a leading provider of bookkeeping, accounting, tax prep, and advisory services, today announced the expansion of their bookkeeping services to businesses and real estate agents in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding cities of Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, and Peoria. CPA Bookkeeping Service Phoenix specializes in supporting Phoenix area small to large businesses that do not require a full-time accountant but do require monthly bookkeeping, accounting, and tax filing services.

“In today’s uncertain marketplace, companies require a better understanding of their business valuation and how to build value into their business,” said Richard Murphy, CPA, and Partner of the bookkeeping and accounting firm. “It can be hard for business owners to wear multiple hats, especially with key business needs they do not practice on a daily basis. We offer independent, unbiased business bookkeeping, accounting, tax filing, and best practices to ensure smarter business decisions. Our team is highly skilled in Phoenix bookkeeping and business services.”

Real Estate agents have some unique challenges that they need assistance with. CPA Bookkeeping Services Phoenix can provide a real estate industry expert bookkeeper. The specialized bookkeeper will create a real estate-specific general ledger and help the agent easily track their mileage and expenses (no more shoebox!). Having a specialized real estate bookkeeper can also assist with managing home office deductions, help realtors track costs by listing and have the agents be ready for tax season. Knowing and understanding the agent’s business performance is key to saving money on taxes each year. The service will far outweigh the expense.

This expansion now allows Real Estate Business Owners the flexibility and affordability of having their entire business managed by an Expert Accountant, Seasoned Bookkeeper, and licensed CPA in Phoenix. Full-Service Bookkeeping, Accounting with analysis and laser-focused Financials, Budgets, Forecasting, proformas, and Business tax prep and filing prepared by their team puts enterprise-level businesses, medium and small business owners positioned perfectly throughout the year. They work with many real estate agents to provide specialized bookkeeping services and accounting needs.

“When searching for bookkeepers near me in Phoenix and surrounding areas, our team will be ready to assist and answer all questions people have in these uncertain times,” includes, Murphy.

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