Covina CA New Drain Line Cleaning Solution Called The Hydro Jetter Launched

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Ingenious Plumbing (+1-626-782-6464) has updated its drain services in Covina, California, focusing specifically on its high-quality drain cleaning service and taking an Environmental Hitech approach to unclog drains, using the latest in Hydro Jet technology to minimize any excavation and disruption of lawns and landscaping.

The Covina-based Plumbing company utilizes the hydro jetting drain cleaning services to provide local homeowners and commercial businesses best way to unclog shower, bathtub, and kitchen drains using a reliable, high-quality inspection of the inside of the sewer lines, finding the cause of the problem minimizing landscaping or foundation damage of homes and businesses alike. The new sewer line clean-out technology is often used in conjunction with other plumbing services such as Pipe relining.

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Ingenious Plumbing is a professional sewer cleaning company and helps to save time and money. The new service is carried out by minimizing the disturbance of property and keeping the drain cleaning cost controlled. The use of a machine called the hydro jetter clears out a clogged pipe, the water pressure clears out blocked sewer lines drain lines, water lines, storm drains, and more. What this hydro jetter does is create extremely pressurized water which is powerful enough to wipe away any grease, dirt, soil, soap, hair, or any debris that might be blocking lines. Hydro Jet is one of the absolute best ways to eliminate clogged drains or blocked pipes. Hydro Jetting is also known for preventing these clogs or blockages from ever coming back which most alternatives do not provide. Although hydro jetting sounds fancy and complicated, it is still very cost-effective. Since hydro jetting only uses a machine and pure water it is more cost-effective than most other alternatives. No expensive chemicals are needed in hydro jetting, making it a great method to save money on the repair. The fact that hydro jetting only uses water and no special chemicals also makes for the fact that it is incredibly environmentally friendly unlike other drain service methods or clogged drain treatments.

Hydro Jet is required to unclog pipes in water lines and sewer lines. One of the most common causes of pipe blockages seen comes from grease or tree roots. The use of drain line cameras is used to assess the situation before hydro jetting. A drain line camera is a camera on the end of a long hose reel connected to a monitor which shows just what’s going on in sewer pipes, water lines, or sewer lines. It can effectively identify whether the water or sewer line requires hydro jetting.

The team at Ingenious Plumbing explains that using Video Camera Inspections of drains provides a reliable, high-quality birds-eye view of the inside of the sewer line, to see what, where and what is causing those drain problems. With the launch of the newly updated camera inspections service, a professionally trained plumber can show the depth and exact location of the pipe and will save the time and expense of excavating homeowners’ and business properties alike.

The newly updated camera inspection service has the capability to inspect drain lines for up to 200 feet of sewer line, determine the location of the problem, pipe type, depth and length of lines, determine pipe size, video diagnostics provide the condition of the pipe, locate objects, leaks, and broken lines. In addition to this, Ingenious Plumbing can securely verify what is causing the problem such as, possible root intrusions, pipe or fitting separation, breaks, or objects in the line. Ingenious Plumbing primarily uses this process in mainline and kitchen lines. If the inspection identifies roots in the drain, a high-pressure jetting can be used to clear those really tough clogs and cut through those roots to solve the problem. If a break or separation in the line was identified during the camera inspection, a pipe relining versus pipe replacement will save both time and money.

Ingenious Plumbing has been recognized as one of the top drain cleaning companies and prioritizes to help customers have a transparent understanding of the options available once the camera inspection is completed. The best decision on how to clean out the pipe, repair, or replace the problem at hand is decided once the diagnostic is completed as every case has a unique set of circumstances. As every case has a unique set of circumstances. The camera inspection has become the go-to tool, in the process of identifying the root causes of 90% of drain issues. Having the Camera technology allows for a thorough examination of the drain and pipe, to see if a Hydro Jet, Rigid-Flex Shaft, or Snake will be the best way to clear a clogged drain.

Drain cleaning services can be intrusive and costly, However, Ingenious plumbing has used the two-step process, Camera inspection, and Hydro-jetting as a standard process to verify and limit the number of excavations to complete the project. Once the plan has been confirmed by the team a bid for the repair proceeds with providing the owner of the property an overview of the job at hand. This is the standard operating process followed for every job site. Ingenious Plumbing will then provide one of two different options to address the job, ensuring that the customer gets the best solution to their specific needs. Full details on the newly updated Camera Drain Service can be found on

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