Covid-19 Pandemic Sparks Further Interest in Fractional Yachting Over Cruises

The Monocle Fractional Yacht Program is seeing much more interest from cruise goers who are looking to avoid the crowds yet enjoy the sea for an affordable amount of money.

Monocle Fractional Yachts, the world’s premier fractional yacht management company is seeing greater interest in their affordable yacht vacations. With many people looking to avoid major cruise lines in the coming months for a more personal experience at sea.

For eons mankind has had an affinity for the ocean, and for roughly the past four decades that has blossomed into a huge industry purely for enjoyment. Both the cruise line industry and yachting industry cater to people’s love of being at sea.

Fast forward to 2020, the world has changed and an uncertain future lies ahead. Many people who have enjoyed going on cruises in the past may think twice about it in the future. Fortunately, many of these people have another option that is gathering much more interest in these days of “social distancing” and that option is fractional yacht ownership.

The Monocle Fractional Yacht Program is designed with affordable yacht ownership in mind. People can buy any size of the boat they would like, with a minimum of a 10% share. The perks of being a fractional owner just make plain sense. Most yacht owners only use their vessel for a month per calendar year, however the remaining eleven months the yacht still needs to be maintained and crewed. Managing a yacht is both expensive and time consuming.

With fractional ownership all of those headaches don’t exist. Monocle handles all of the maintenance needed to keep the vessel in perfect condition. A 10% shareholder is entitled to a month of travel time per year, usually broken up into two two-week vacations at different locations throughout the world. Most shareholders prefer the Caribbean, Mediterranean & New England.

Loren Simkowitz, owner & founder of the Monocle Fractional Yacht Program had this to say about what he is seeing during the coronavirus outbreak with regard to his business, “I have received many calls over the past few weeks with people looking for a safer way to enjoy the sea. With our try before you buy option many people see it as a no-brainer. We let potential owners charter the yacht and enjoy the full-on experience, if they elect after their vacation to become a fractional owner the amount paid for chartering the yacht goes towards their purchase. I anticipate in the coming months to garner even more interest as people adapt to a new world in which crowded cruise ships may not be as enticing.”

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