COVID-19 May Change Car Dealerships for good

Car Dealerships have resisted e-commerce, but Medved Autoplex is changing the game with their new online sales system.

COVID-19 has brought a lot of Industries online that you never expected. The car industry is one of them. If someone was in the market to buy a car before the start of the pandemic, you would go into the car dealership, sit in the car, feel the nice heated leather seats, and take it for a test drive. However, the pandemic uprooted this system by forcing car dealerships to start selling their vehicles online.

Medved Autoplex has been a prime example of this new online system. They have fully embraced the 21st century and created a seamless software program that allows you to buy a car online. Customers can now complete the entire sale and paperwork completely online without them ever having to set foot in the dealership. You can even have the car delivered straight to your driveway, just like you would with an Amazon package.

While Medved and other Car Dealerships are continuing their in-person sales, they have seen a huge percentage increase in their online sales. Some people even like the online process better than in-person since you don’t have to spend hours at the dealership filling out paperwork and negotiating. Instead, you can do all of that from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s how it works:

1. Simply find the vehicle that you like on Medved’s website and click “buy now”

2. Build your own lease or finance deal that fits within your monthly budget

3. Trade-in your current vehicle online (optional)

3. Click submit and see your new vehicle arrive in your driveway

Medved Autoplex Online Sales

If you need any help during the process, Medved has a staff of non-commissioned product specialists who are always readily available for any questions that may come up. The process of buying a car has never been easier.

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