Coventry Invisalign Dentist Launches Virtual Consultations For Private Patients

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Dr Chetan Mathias, lead cosmetic dentist at Verum Cosmetic Dentists in Coventry, United Kingdom, has started a brand new virtual consultation service for people interested in starting an Invisalign treatment.

Any person in Coventry or surrounding areas who finds it challenging to get an appointment for a consultation in a dental surgery for teeth straightening to remedy uneven or gappy teeth can now take comfort in knowing that it has been made possible to get a virtual consultation without leaving the comfort of their home and even without visiting a dental practice. This remote consultation service is well suited for the current times of social distancing. The only tool that a person would need to participate in a virtual consultation with the dentist is a mobile smart phone with camera – something that most people do own nowadays.

Virtual consultation is a brand new service launched by Dr Chetan Mathias, who is the lead cosmetic dentist at Verum Cosmetic Dentists. To make it even more attractive for prospect patients, Dr Mathias is also adding teeth whitening to the Invisalign treatment without charging extra for the treatment. This is a major incentive that Dr Mathias has offered for making prospect patient positively motivated for starting their Invisalign treatment journey with an eConsultation.

Patients seeking to get started with an Invisalign treatment can do so via remote consultation by visiting the following link to the Verum Cosmetic Dentists website:

Inspite of the truly challenging times of social distancing, virtual consultations make it easier for anyone to get started with the treatment toward their dream smile. The following video describes the Invisalign offer that patients can receive after attending the virtual dental consultation:

“I wanted to give an opportunity to my client patients to get advice and consultation without leaving home. A client seeking Invisalign treatment can get a no obligation virtual consultation with me at no cost.” Explained Dr Chetan Mathias.

Dr Mathias has more than 10 years of valuable experience as a cosmetic dentist. He has been awarded the highest “Diamond Provider” status by the Invisalign company in Coventry for successfully providing teeth straightening treatment to a significantly large number of patients. Patients have the comfort of knowing that they are in safe and experienced hands at Verum Cosmetic Dentists.

The process is remarkably easy, because all a patient needs for their remote virtual eConsultation is a smart phone. The first step requires taking a few pictures of their teeth. Every virtual consultation participant receives instructions that are simple and easy to understand on how to take the photos of their teeth using their mobile phone and submit them for review by Dr Mathias.

After the submitted photos have been reviewed, the patient will receive a personal dental assessment report together with treatment options as well as access to a free online video call appointment with Dr Mathias by again simply using their mobile phone. Laptops with camera can also be used.

To make Invisalign treatment affordable, interest-free monthly payment plans are also provided and are subject to an application. Dr Mathias and his staff inform and help patients who seek assistance for applying for a payment plan.

Several videos about various cosmetic dental treatments provided by Verum Cosmetic Dentists can be viewed on their YouTube channel here:

Residents in and around Coventry seeking advice through a virtual consultation are encouraged to visit the links provided above in this article.

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