Covenant Properties Becomes the Highest Rated House Buyer in Louisville KY

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Covenant Properties has a solution for those facing foreclosure, divorce, or probation problems. They are ready to purchase properties as-is for cash and will close the deal within 7 days.

Selling a house involves a lengthy process. Clients need to find an agent who can set up meetings with potential buyers. The buyers then visit the properties, decide whether they want to buy or not, negotiate with the seller, and finally make the payment if they want to buy the house. The agent receives a commission from both parties.

Covenant Properties is not an agent. It buys properties directly from the seller. In fact, it closes deals within seven days because it pays cash to clients. Anyone who needs to sell their properties immediately due to problems like divorce, foreclosure, probation, inheritance, or relocation can contact Covenant Properties right away. The company doesn’t ask its clients to repair or renovate the properties if they are not in the right selling conditions.

This no-questions-asked policy makes Covenant Properties one of the best real estate companies in Louisville. It allows potential sellers to find a quick selling solution if they need to immediately sell their properties and move to another location.

Apart from buying properties as-is, Covenant Properties also doesn’t charge commission or realtor fees. They focus on buying and selling properties in cash. This means their clients can expect to receive a handsome amount of money as they don’t have to pay commission or fees to agents.

The process starts with the client calling Covenant Properties and telling the representative about the property he wants to sell. The representative will ask for the property’s location in Louisville and also set up an appointment according to the client’s convenience. An expert will come over on the pre-decided date to check the property’s condition. He will inspect every aspect of the house before providing the best price. The expert will come with a written, no-obligation offer. It’s up to the client whether he wants to accept the deal or not. If he accepts, he can sign the no-obligation offer and expect Covenant Properties to close the deal within seven days.

One of the experts calls the client within twenty-four hours after signing the documents. He will ask when the client can collect the cash from the Covenant Properties office. Sometimes, the deals close on the same day or within a couple of days.

The advantage of working with Covenant Properties is it works according to the client’s convenience. From setting up meetings to providing the cash, they put the client’s interest first. Another advantage is the company doesn’t list these properties online. They purchase properties that meet their purchasing criteria. From then on, they may repair the properties and resell them or keep them to rent out to those who don’t have the budget to buy homes in Louisville.

About Covenant Properties: Covenant Properties are always ready to buy properties in Louisville. This is a huge boon for those who want to move out of town immediately, filing for divorce, or has foreclosure problems. Cory, the founder of the company, believes that making the house selling process easier ensures that clients don’t have to wait for weeks or months before getting the money they deserve. Sometimes, they can’t afford to waste so much time and may give away their property at dirt cheap prices. Covenant Properties ensures that that won’t happen. They pay a handsome amount of cash if the property meets their requirements.

Because of Covenant Properties’ dedication and commitment to its customers, its quickly become Louisville’s highest rate house buyer. You can see their reviews on Google or inquire on their website for more info.

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