Court-Ordered Anger Management Therapy – Online Consultation Services Launched

CBT has been widely recognized for its effectiveness in addressing many emotional issues. One company is making the therapy accessible to those with anger management issues through a new program on its web-based platform., an internet-based counseling platform, has launched an anger management program for juveniles and adults who are mandated by a court to undergo therapy.

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The newly announced program aims to provide individuals who are concerned about their health and safety due to the Delta variant with a means to access therapy without leaving their homes. Online law information resource stated that attending these sessions is important, as failure to do so may subject one to additional penalties like fines or jail time.

The company’s anger management program is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT, a type of psychotherapy that is used to treat a wide range of mental issues, including depression, anxiety, and addiction, among many others. Unlike traditional psychoanalysis, which focuses on the person’s past, CBT is more concerned about the present factors affecting one’s mental state.

A major aspect of CBT is equipping patients with coping skills through various exercises taught in therapy sessions.’s program offers a number of tools and methods in which to instill these techniques.

In addition to one-on-one sessions with a professional, patients will be able to use the company’s platform to journal, learn about their condition through detailed articles, and fill out worksheets. Their therapists check answers daily, so they can expect to receive helpful feedback and tips regularly.

Users can also find videos on yoga and meditation in their therapy toolbox in case they want to destress and enhance their feelings of gratitude and peace. was founded with the goal of making CBT accessible to a larger audience at a price they can afford. Through the platform, they will have the opportunity to receive support from licensed and acclaimed CBT therapists, including those that have made frequent appearances in major programs.

“With the help of CBT, you will learn to accept and forgive and develop self-control over your thoughts and actions so that you can live life without excessive and uncontrollable anger,” it stated on its website.

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