Counselling Clinic Assists in Recovery for Victims of Car Accidents

Well Beings Counselling is a Coquitlam-based mental health clinic that dedicates themselves to their client’s health and personal growth through individualized treatments and multiple services.

Coquitlam, BC — While it might seem that a car accident would only result in physical damage to the vehicle and possibly the driver, more mental health professionals are increasingly finding that these incidents have deeper effects that cannot be seen. Car accidents induce emotional turmoil and mental distress. In Coquitlam, Well Beings Counselling is seeking to help with precisely those issues.

Well Beings Counselling is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy clinic. Their vehicular accident services give clients the tools they need to overcome the trauma of such events. The professionals at the clinic create personalised treatment plans to address the effects post-accident, and for many clients, the results have been extraordinary.

Clients who choose Well Beings are eligible for 12 sessions of therapy. These sessions take place under the guidance of a registered clinical counsellor (RCC). Clients are able to access these benefits thanks to Accident Benefits. This is a section of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). They offer this to any party of a car accident no matter who’s at fault. They also offer mobile counselling for clients whose physical injuries prevent them from leaving their home.

The clinic’s qualification to deal with trauma after accidents is backed by their team of RCCs. The clinic is run by Pareen Sehat. Pareen Sehat holds a Master of Counselling and is an RCC with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. She has experience working with individuals who have suffered due to auto accidents in addition to helping clients manage depression, anxiety, and other effects of trauma. Her approach utilises CBT to target stress-related pain and chronic pain as well as Lifespan Integration to address PTSD. Her associate, Bains, also possesses a Master of Counselling. She utilises eclectic methods developed through her personal experiences and those of the clients she’s treated. Both professionals host sessions in-person, online, and over the phone.

Well Beings boasts a diverse clientele ranging in age from adolescence to adulthood. Regardless of a person’s race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or situation, the clinic welcomes anyone who wishes to improve their well-being. They state that collaborating with individuals on their life stories is a privilege and an honor. They promise that when clients enter their counselling space, they’re entering a place of safety and acceptance.

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