COTI Announces New Partnership with a Prominent Global Telecom Operator, WMG

Layer 1 Fintech Blockchain Platform, COTI, and Global Mobile Network Operator, World Mobile (WMG), have announced a strategic partnership going forward. They aim to bank the millions of unbanked in Africa. WMG is building the last-mile telecom network and COTI will bring the fintech services.

COTI, a layer 1 fintech blockchain, and World Mobile, a licensed global mobile network operator, have announced a strategic partnership going forward.

More information about this exciting new partnership can be found here: World Mobile and COTI Unite to Bring the Unbanked ADA Pay | Is Africa Set To Dominate Crypto Adoption in 2022?

With this partnership, the ADA Pay payment processing solution will be offered to World Mobile’s retailers and merchants so theiy can offer their customers the ability to pay for goods and services with ADA. In turn, as ADA Pay is adopted and utilized, there should be an increase in demand for WMT, $COTI, AND ADA crypto coins; a nice benefit to World Mobile, COTI, and Cardano.

In the near future, retailers and merchants who choose to connect to the internet using World Mobile’s network then use ADA Pay as their payment solution will reep the following benefits: 1) enable them to accept credit card payments both in-person and online boosting sales, 2) will allow them to accept ADA payments with a near-instant settlement into 35 fiat currencies directly into their bank accounts, and 3) using ADA Pay will enable them to manage all transactions in real-time, improving their cash flow.

As part of a long-term strategy, the two companies hope to provide robust payment solutions to the hundreds of millions of unbanked individuals, starting in Africa’s remote areas. When asked about the new joint venture, Yair Testa, Head of Business Development at COTI said, “We are happy to be partnering with World Mobile for such a good cause. We believe that this partnership will start with the integration of ADA Pay and has the potential to expand to the integration of Djed and $COTI. We are eager to watch the partnership grow”.

Charles Barnett, Chief Business Officer of World Mobile is also excited about the venture, saying “We are proud to announce our partnership with COTI. The collaboration between our projects will lead to a better connected and tech-savvy Africa, with crypto mass adoption at the forefront. The solution works, and World Mobile is proud to be able to partner with COTI to bring ADA Pay to the rest of Africa and the world.”

Current and future customers are invited to learn more about the joint venture and how they will benefit by visiting the website at COTI Crypto News Today

About COTI, World Mobile, and ADA Pay

COTI was founded in May 2017 is the first enterprise-grade, layer 1 fintech blockchain protocol that allows organizations to build their own native payment solutions. COTI provides functionality as robust as Paypal and Alipay while allowing enterprises to create their own unique rules and finally own their payment system to save time, data, and money. COTI’s platform enables companies to effortlessly create advanced fintech products — ranging from payment networks and stable coins to loyalty programs, remittance services, and more.

World Mobile, founded in 2018, is focused on connecting the other half of the world population that don’t have access to the internet and providing digital identity to their customers. It is the first mobile network operator that is built on blockchain, renewable energy, licensed and unlicensed spectrum creating a hybrid network and introducing the sharing economy. They are building an infrastructure for last-mile connectivity using spectrums like free-space optical communication and other radio transmitters, which do not require licensing, translating to less expensive internet access. The spectrums connect to multiple air nodes to create a mesh network, providing internet coverage to far-flung villages.

ADA Pay is Cardano’s gateway solution for payments. It is implemented by COTI and the system is developed on COTI’s Universal Payment Solution platform. The solution allows merchants to accept payments in Cardano’s native token ADA with a near-instant settlement into 35 fiat currencies directly into their bank accounts.

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