Costa Rica Real Estate Hard Money Bridge Loans Feasibility Study Service Launch

A nontraditional lending company has launched feasibility studies for real estate investors in Costa Rica. They provide accurate financial data about all factors in a real estate investment.

Ray Wateska, owner of the leading source of direct financing for the Caribbean, Florida, Central America, and Latin America has launched a feasibility study service for all real estate investors in Costa Rica. This service is designed to save investors time and money by providing hard-hitting and accurate analysis of their proposed real estate ventures.

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The launch of feasibility services and attendant consulting services for investors in Costa Rica was prompted after Ray learned of several horror stories real estate investors in Costa Rica had experienced. He and his staff are now set to provide complete consulting solutions for investors interested in hard money bridge loans for all qualified properties in Costa Rica.

His newly launched website provides an abundance of information about the various types of financial services he has made available for investors in Costa Rica. He specializes in personal client-centered nontraditional loans for qualified clients interested in purchasing properties in Costa Rica.

He provides financing quickly and efficiently so real estate investors in Costa Rica can finish their projects in time and on budget. This allows them to begin generating revenue faster whether the project is a large resort, new construction, residential or commercial rehab.

Ray’s focus has turned to Costa Rica because it has a stable government, has a large ex-pat population, is rich in natural resources, and has a growing and expanding economy. His success in financing has been based on these factors and the fact that he provides money only after a detailed feasibility report has been conducted. This avoids the mistakes competitors and large institutional sources often make in their investment choices in Costa Rica.

Depending on their budget and business plans, clients can borrow between $1 million and $35 million. Clients in Costa Rica can benefit from a fast turn around and closing a loan in as little as 14 days. The funds are available for commercial property acquisition, development, and construction, as well as refinancing and other purposes.

The launch of these complimentary feasibility studies in Costa Rica is guaranteed to help real estate investors there make better decisions.

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