Costa Mesa Therapeutic Neck Massage To Ease Tension Tightness Service Launched

Neck massages are part of therapeutic packages offered by Healing Horizons Massage & Spa in Costa Mesa. They help to relieve stress, heal pain, and improve circulation and flexibility in the neck.

Healing Horizons Massage & Spa has announced the availability of its neck massage services in Costa Mesa. The California-based center also provides services in parts of Huntington Beach, namely Newland/Oak View, Wintersburg, Adams, Yorktown, and Goldenwest.

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The newly updated massage services are designed to help relieve clients of tension and loosen their tight muscles. The massage company understands that after a stressful week at the office and perhaps sitting in an office chair for most of these days, the ideal stress reliever would be a therapeutic neck massage.

Apart from getting relief from tension, some individuals also get a neck massage for improved flexibility, to treat circulatory issues, and to strengthen their immune systems. Others, who may need a natural neck-pain killer would opt for a massage to increase the pain-killing endorphins.

Having a neck massage also serves to assist in recovery from sports activity-related injuries. Additionally, it helps to alleviate both chronic and temporary pain and inflammation, while providing relaxation and restoring calm to one’s mind.

Speaking on behalf of the company, a representative stated, “At Healing Horizons your massage… service will be customized to meet your needs. Our personal friendly staff will welcome you and a quick intake form will be required with the medical history, past or present injuries or physical conditions that we should be aware of before your session”.

After the client would’ve filled out the intake form, a certified/licensed massage therapist from Healing Horizons Massage & Spa will begin a consultation to find out that client’s needs. Once this process is complete the massage therapist will proceed with the appointment.

Healing Horizons Massage & Spa offers clients relaxation with heated massage tables, cozy comfortable rooms, and personalized therapy. All of the company’s rooms have individual sound and heated tables, clean linens, and blankets.

As part of its neck massage package, the company offers inner mouth therapy. This helps to release jaw pain and tightness and realigns one’s jaw.

Healing Horizons Massage & Spa’s neck massages are incorporated into different packages offered by the company. One of these packages is that of the therapeutic massage where clients get to choose between light to medium pressure, basic prenatal massage, or injury/medical massages.

Sessions range between 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes with prices to suit each timing chosen. Clients can also choose to get solo massages or join with their partner and indulge in the couples massage package offered by the company.

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