Cost Sharing Healthcare Insurance Alternative Medical Coverage Program Launched

A membership based health cost sharing program has launched as an alternative to health insurance. Called KNEW Health, it aims to transform the industry and save members money on medical expenses.

KNEW Health, a new alternative to health insurance, has launched, offering members the chance to save money on a more affordable and reliable package. KNEW Health is a cheaper and more flexible option for those who don’t want traditional health insurance, using a model called health cost sharing.

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The site explains that the healthcare sharing system is like a community contributing to a group pool, which can be used to help share the cost of large medical bills. Each community member adds a small amount each month, and whenever a member has an unexpected medical cost, they submit their qualifying medical bills to be paid for by the member using money from the pool.

Members get peace of mind from knowing that if they ever experience a qualifying medical issue, the community provides funds from the sharing pool to cover their medical bills.

By sharing low monthly contributions, as opposed to paying costly insurance premiums, members at KNEW Health have the flexibility to save for their regular wellness regimes. They also have the ability to choose their own healthcare providers, without the limitations or ramifications of networks.

KNEW Health was launched as a way to combat the current healthcare system, which for many people feels broken. Across the country, people are paying expensive insurance premiums and co-pays, all while receiving substandard service.

Insurance companies often fight over every bill, which can be stressful, tiring and exhausting. KNEW Health is not an insurance company, but is rather a community of happy, wellness-minded and like-minded individuals who work together to stay well. KNEW will negotiable your medical bills on your behalf which will give it’s members the freedom to focus on health and wellness and not stress about the bills.

The company states: “At KNEW Health, you’ll be paying so much less each month-which gives you more money to invest in wellness and preventative care, such as fitness classes, acupuncture, massage, healthy fresh food, and herbs and supplements.”

Full details of the new program can be found on the URL above.

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