Cost Recovery For Amazon Vendors – Chargebacks And Shortages Fee Reclaim Update

With Amazon holding a major share of the global e-commerce market, the retail platform is more important than ever for the success of online businesses. Chargeguard, a cost recovery provider shows how Amazon 1P vendors can easily reclaim chargebacks and shortage fees quickly.

Chargeguard’s latest launch offers clients a simple way to reclaim up to 70% of Amazon deductions and shortage fees. The company’s Chargeguard Evaluation and Recovery Analysis (C.E.R.A) audit shows Amazon 1P vendors how much they can recover the potential fees. Amazon vendors can see the size of their prize with free C.E.R.A. account audit.

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This announcement becomes significant due to the fact that Amazon’s 1st party vendor fees have become so common that many sellers now just accept it as a part of doing business with Amazon.

The announcement details a range of time-saving and financial benefits for chargeguard customers. Once the C.E.R.A audit finds the approximate reclaimable amount, the company’s dispute management team gets to work, normally recovering around 70% of the refundable amount as far back as five years ago.

According to an article by LinkedIn, chargebacks and shortage fees can have a disastrous effect on profit margins for Amazon sellers. Common reasons for these charges include automation issues, merchant error etc. Other charges are due to errors such as failing to confirm a purchasing order in time or violating shipping window policies.

The C.E.R.A audit allows users to view a historical breakdown of chargeback fees and shortage fees and giving them a deeper understanding of patterns that are affecting their bottom line. By detecting recurring errors that lead to charges, chargeguard’s state-of-the-art program helps users eliminate costly mistakes and increase revenue.

The fee timeline also allows users to track patterns while the C.E.R.A audit function gives a two-year history of shortage and deductions. The chargeguard service comfortably outstrips rival platforms in this regard. In addition, users can view their dispute activity, allowing tracking of fee appeals that have been, or have yet to be, actioned.

About Chargeguard

The team behind the chargeguard has over 40 years of combined experience in merchant services. Chargeguard offers powerful, industry-leading cost recovery solutions for Amazon vendors. The company operates a ‘no payout – no fee’ policy. Learn more at

Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) Senthil Natarajan, says, “Don’t worry about Amazon cost recovery anymore. Now Amazon 1P Vendors have a simpler, better, quicker, and easier path towards Amazon cost recovery.”

With its latest C.E.R.A audit chargeguard continues to set the standard for Amazon shortage and chargeback fee recovery.

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