Cosmopolitan & Panorama Towers first to invest in newly imported UK technology

An engineering marvel, simplistic and extremely hard to accept by everyone in the water-softener industry.

A typical water softener system for just a home can cost $3,000 and much more for a cosmo-sized hotel. At a $78,000 price tag on Cosmopolitan’s system, this may seem hefty, but the reality is Las Vegas water is so heavily mineralized by the Colorado River, the cost of standard descaling technology could run them an additional half a million dollars over 3 years. Aqua-Rex, Las Vegas-based, was founded by their parent company “Lifescience” in the UK where the technology has already become standard for hundreds of thousands.

Why has this not caught on? The answer is simple. Best however answered with another question that is always asked by any commercial water-softener business when shown the technology.

“When I can sell a residential customer a $3,000 water softener solution (plus a lifetime of salt), why would I ever bring up a $450 alternative, with a one-time installation?”

What looks like something out of Science Fiction, an electrical box and some wires that wrap around water pipes, actually generates not magnetism, but radio waves. These stop scale from sticking to surfaces while breaking apart the existing minerals so they easily pass through the system. Ever felt like you needed to wear a “hard hat” in the shower to protect skin and hair from the mineral residue? The device has top of the line water softener capabilities, even improving the way soap lathers. All of this with zero salt, and no maintenance.

This is good news for literally everyone who has a decent understanding of plumbing however, the company recommends getting a professional if you feel nervous just looking under the sink. When asked if he could share just one piece of advice every consumer should know, the president Mr. Seccombe remarked:

“Every 6-10 years is the usual sales & maintenance cycle on water softener systems. Treatment specialists will tell you off handedly alternatives to what they offer won’t work. The truth is that independent tests by the IAPMO lab prove they do work. Traditional systems tend to be expensive to buy, to install and to maintain and recurring revenues from salt often help pay for the specialist’s retirement. My hope is to provide everyone with options, and the ability to make an informed decision.”

Aqua-Rex was previously featured on the front of Plumbing Engineering magazine, and its parent company “Lifescience” has been providing services in the UK for the last 25 years.

For the more technical minded on how it works, see IAPMO R&T Labs test results, showing an 83% scale reduction. (Report: 2536-17001, available in Technical Library on website)— IAPMO R&T is North America’s premier third-party certification body for plumbing and mechanical products.


Aqua-Rex LLC is based out of Las Vegas, owned by Jonny Seccombe (UK) & operated by Corey Grothem (US), high-tech entrepreneurs, focused on disruptive technology in the water-softener industry. Aqua-Rex LLC serves the residential, hotel, condo, industrial plant, cooling tower, pool, gym, school, college, military base, and plumbing industries, plus everywhere hard water is a problem. Aqua-Rex systems are known for preventing calcium sticking to surfaces, cleaning out existing scale, and partially softening hot water.

For questions about the product, installation, or to share a testimonial, call US partner Corey G. +1-702-304-2170, email:, or visit, 3301 Spring Mountain Rd Ste 18, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102.

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