Cosmopolitan Collection Considers New “About Us’ Piece for Makeup Organizer

Cosmopolitan Collection announced today that they are considering a new "About Us" statement for their best-selling acrylic makeup organizer.

Cosmopolitan Collection announced a new “About Us” statement that may be attached to their best selling acrylic makeup organizer. Driven by customer feedback, Cosmopolitan Collection felt their statement needed to explain their identity to the general public, while also focusing on what they do for their customers. They are reaching out for customer opinions on the new statement.

When the makeup organizer made its first sales goal, Cosmopolitan Collection celebrated by offering a free makeup guide to their customers. When asked the reasoning behind this guide, company spokesperson Rob Bowser said “We designed our makeup organizer to be beautiful. People need to know how to use it, so we’re giving that information out for free.” Cosmopolitan Collection has long implied they will build the best quality makeup storage system on the market and educate their customers about makeup storage. The new “About Us” supports this practice.

The Cosmopolitan Collection acrylic makeup organizer is made of a durable, shatterproof, scratch resistant, and easy to clean acrylic. With four drawers and 16 compartments of various shapes and sized, the makeup organizer can hold a variety of cosmetic and accessories. The Cosmopolitan Collection organizer has an attractive appearance that has made it popular with men and women in both home and professional settings. Customers love the acrylic makeup organizer. There are currently over 200 reviews on, with an average approval rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The makeup organizer is now sold exclusively on for the price of $34.99, with free shipping available on any order over $49. Learn more about Cosmopolitan Collection while reading their new “About Us” statement.

About Cosmopolitan Collection: “As an honest and ethical company, Cosmopolitan Collection focuses all energy, resources, and effort to organizing the world in a beautiful way. By creating a single, acrylic makeup organizer, Cosmopolitan Collection works to improve the world by bringing the best quality makeup organizer in the world to market so that all men and women can use and enjoy the product at a reasonable price.”

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