Celebrates Launch in Toronto And Richmond Hill Ontario

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Many people would like to find an effective & affordable way to address unsightly scars or stretchmarks. In Toronto & Richmond Hill, the expert team at CosmeticCamouflage are answering the call.

Many people would like to find an effective and affordable way to address unsightly scars or stretchmarks. In Toronto and Richmond Hill, the professional team at CosmeticCamouflage are answering the call.

Laser Wellness of Richmond Hill & Toronto recently launched a new site that promises to help scar and stretch mark sufferers hide their discoloured marks with a technique developed in Brazil and now available in Canada. The technique is called cosmetic camouflage tattooing, or medical tattooing, and wherever it has been available from experts in the method it has received quite remarkable feedback and reviews.

“At Cosmetic Camouflage Clinic we specialize in camouflage tattoo work, a permanent cosmetic camouflage process that matches custom formulated pigment to your skin colour and is then applied to your face or body using a traditional tattoo machine,” commented a spokesperson from “Once completed the results are permanent and the look of scars and stretch marks are evened out and minimized, giving you an all-natural blended look between the scar and its surrounding skin area.”

According to the Toronto and Richmond Hill locations, the main benefits of getting a camouflage tattoo include: its long-lasting results (unlike micropigmentation); it will not change colour over time; and even tanning is okay, the colour does not change due to sun exposure.

Cosmetic Camouflage Clinic points out that the cosmetic camouflage tattoo is not micropigmentation or permanent makeup, neither of which goes into the skin as deeply as camouflage tattoo. By using traditional tattoo methods, the process goes deeper into the dermis resulting in a permanent camouflaged tattoo. It is similar to traditional tattoos methods but uses specialized blended camouflaged skin colour pigments instead of tattoo inks, for much more realistic results.

For those looking for a less permanent solution, Cosmetic Camouflage Clinic offers Covermark, the world leader in cosmetic camouflage make-up. Covermark can perfectly conceal any major or minor skin imperfection. It is the only company to win a US patent and is the only facial make-up ideal for serious skin imperfections and discolorations such as angiomas, burns, vitiligo, birth marks, and scars.

Laser Wellness ( provides many laser and non-laser treatments and therapies including SMP scalp micropigmentation (, Hair loss treatments with AAPE, PRP, and Pharma Hermetics (, and skin rejuvenation treatments such as AAPE, PRP, Alex Peel, and SRS (

The clinics are located at 9140 Leslie St 301, Richmond Hill and 600 Sherbourne St 609, Toronto. To book a free consultation for your stretch marks and scar camouflage procedure, call Cosmetic Camouflage Clinic at 647-249-7515.

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