CosmetiCare Releases New Review Of Juvederm Voluma XC

CosmetiCare was founded in 1982 by double board certified Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole. Since then, CosmetiCare has become one of the most recognized names in aesthetic services – not just in Southern California, but throughout the nation.

CosmetiCare released their new review of Juvederm Voluma XC. Juvederm Voluma is the newest non-surgical filler from Allergan–the makers of Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, and Botox and it’s becoming a very popular option for many of CosmetiCare’s clients.

This review addresses the most common questions about Juvederm Voluma including, “What is the difference between Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Ultra XC?”, “How much does Juvederm Voluma Cost?”, and “Where can Juvederm Voluma be injected?”

CosmetiCare owner Dr. Micheal Niccole says there are many people considering Juvederm Voluma and a lot of buzz around its potential benefits in the non-surgical aesthetic injection field.

This review gives an objective analysis of how well Juvederm Voluma actually delivers and some insights into whether it might be a good purchase at the current price.

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