Cory Sanchez Self-Help Illustrated Adult Book Ranking #1 New Releases Launched

Cory Sanchez has released a new adult self-help adult book, ACK! presents the secret to positive thinking, happiness, and life satisfaction and has already been ranking #1 for New Releases on Amazon.

Cory Sanchez, an entrepreneur, investor, lead generation and business growth expert, has released a new adult self-help book. Titled ACK!: One simple secret on how to beat bad days, and live a happy, joy-filled life, the book has been officially released this August.

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Helping readers master their thoughts and emotions, ACK! is already a major bestseller on Amazon. It has been ranking #1 for New Releases in Popular Psychology & Medicine.

In addition, the book has also been ranking #1 on Kindle for three different categories in the first weeks right after its release. ACK! has already received more than 67 flattering reviews from happy readers on Amazon only.

Known and classified under self-help and self-improvement books, ACK! can change the life of the readers by putting them on the road to a more fulfilling life. The author offers expert easy-to-implement tips and practical advice on a range of topics: from mindfulness and emotional regulation to mental and physical energy generation.

Cory Sanchez emphasizes in his book on the fact that many people struggle with grumpy day feelings and emotions. He argues that there are easy actionable steps people can take to live a more fun, engaging, and joy-filled life.

This 34-page book includes very moving and captivating illustrations by Monika Suska. The illustrations perfectly complement the author’s life lessons on positive thinking.

ACK! unlocks the secret to untapped energy, enthusiasm, vitality, and love. Sanchez convinces the reader that anyone can build and live a life they truly enjoy and love by developing a positive mental attitude.

Even though it is an adult level book, it can be equally beneficial to both adults and children who need or want to take a more positive attitude towards life challenges. The book encourages readers to master the little voice in their heads and live a more fulfilling life.

ACK! presents an important message related to coping with tough weeks. It is a well-written, funny quick read with a lifetime of practice for substituting the negative emotions with positive feelings and setting strong foundations of a happier life. It can help any reader increase the positive emotions they experience and adopt a more positive general attitude towards life.

Cory Sanchez’ book is one of his most recent and exciting ventures in motivating people to go out there and change the world.

The book is a perfect gift for anyone who is interested in the power of positive thoughts and emotions and wants to enjoy greater happiness and life satisfaction. ACK! is available as an ebook on Amazon and as a paperback edition published by Bubblegum Buddha.

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