Corrugated Plastic Cake Boards With Custom Logo And Branding Prints Launched

A company in Hayward, California launches a new line of cake boards featuring high-density FDA-approved plastic. The products are available in an arrays of size options.

California-based company EME Enterprise Inc. launches their new products called Freshboards, a selection of cake boards made with high-density corrugated plastic. Available in various colors and sizes, the boards can be custom-printed to reflect professional bakers’ branding.

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The newly launched products have given due consideration to all the possible requirements of the baking industry for cake boards. Freshboards feature FDA-approved plastic, so bakers can rest assured that they are using only materials that are in compliance with food safety standards. They are also 100% recyclable, so they can be processed the same way as milk jugs or bottles.

Moreover, Freshboards are free of any odor or taste that can affect the flavors of the baked goods. They are also moisture-proof so they do not dry out the cakes, and grease-proof so designers can undo their mistakes by simply wiping them away. When they are refrigerated, their colors remain intact and they do not swell, so they are able to maintain their appearance throughout from production to delivery.

Freshboards come in neutral colors like white and black, and striking ones like blue, green, purple, and pink to provide bakers with enough options to match their brand. For an even more personalized touch, customers can also have their logos, marketing messages, or signature border designs printed on the boards.

During holidays and special occasions, the company comes up with colors and patterns to suit the seasons. By default, however, the boards are available in 6, 8, 10, and 12 inch varieties for the round scalloped edge designs, and in 1/4 sheet cuts for the rectangular option. Bigger case-only sizes are also on sale.

EME Enterprise Inc. currently accepts orders through their website. From their headquarters in Hayward, they ship all their products via priority mail within three to five business days.

Interested parties may visit the website above for additional details.

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