Correction Regarding Ricoh and Space City Copiers, Not an Authorized Partner

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Space City Copiers, a break fix dealer in the Houston area, is retracting an Email which stated a relationship existed between them and Ricoh when one does not.

Space City Copiers announces they were not approved by Ricoh to sell or service Ricoh’s line of office equipment, as stated in a prior press release, nor have they been.

Space City Copiers recognizes that finding alternatives to repairing older model Ricoh copiers may be challenging, and has provided customers with repair services on off lease devices for years. This message was miscommunicated with a press release agency and has since created market confusion as to the relationship between Ricoh and Space City Copiers.

When asked about the reasons behind the incorrect data appearing on a prior press release, Jesse Harwell, owner of the website Space City Copiers said,

“In our efforts to accent the service of discontinued Ricoh products, we had a copywriter do a press release. In that press release it was represented a new partnership existed where there was not such an arrangement. We have since instructed the the copywriters we do not have a direct relationship regarding Ricoh sales or service. We simply perform aftermarket repairs, we are not an existing partner of Ricoh. We want to apologize, and are embarrassed by any confusion this prior press release has caused. We are especially sensitive to other dealers in the Houston area who have made substantial capital investments to have the authorization from the manufacturer. We regret the information was not communicated accurately, and take responsibility to clear up any misconceptions about our status with Ricoh. We are not an authorized channel partner at this time, but love the Ricoh product line for its durability and awesome customer support. Our niche is extending the life of useful copiers beyond the typical 5 to 7 years by having amazing technicians who take pride in fixing copiers older copiers not normally supported.”

For any business owners who have non contracted Ricoh copiers they are having trouble getting service or parts for, Space City Copiers maintains vast inventory parts on older copiers where support is traditionally difficult to acquire.

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