Corpus Christi Health Insurance Sees Higher Enrollment Amid Pandemic in 2021

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That 1.4 million number is an increase of half a million since 2019, making it the highest enrollment number yet... “Over the past two years, Texas’ percentage gain in enrollment was more than double the increase nationwide and was higher than any other state,"

Corpus Christi health insurance continues to see increasing numbers in terms of enrollments among those who previously didn’t have health insurance coverage, despite the pandemic exacerbating economic disparities in America, according to a spokes person for Insurance4Dallas. The latest numbers were reported recently by the Dallas Morning News, which said just more than 1.4 million Texans alone had enrolled and paid for insurance through

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That 1.4 million number is an increase of nearly half a million customers since 2019, easily making it the state’s highest enrollment number yet, the report states. “Over the past two years, Texas’ percentage gain in enrollment was more than double the increase nationwide and was higher than any other state,” the Dallas Morning News states. This includes those with health insurance in Corpus Christi. The key differentiator for the increased numbers appears to be higher federal subsidies (or funding). This extra funding essentially makes it cheaper and easier for people to enroll, cutting the cost of coverage as part of the President’s American Rescue Plan and making the application process easier.

Rick Thornton, a Corpus Christi health insurance agent said this news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The current administration went out of its way to add a special enrollment period that just expired in August, and that extra time to apply made it easy for those who lost their jobs and employer-sponsored insurance due to the pandemic. “It’s a combination of factors that really changed the ballgame,” said Stacey Pogue, senior policy analyst at Every Texan, an Austin advocacy group formerly known as the Center for Public Policy Priorities to the Dallas Morning News. “There’s a whole bunch more financial help, and the doors were opened wide for people to come in. The federal government made an effort in marketing, in enrollment assistance and in making coverage more affordable.”

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