Corpus Christi Health Insurance May See Changes In Rules Regarding Coverage

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Rick Thornton, a Corpus Christi health insurance agent, says the current administration plans to not enforce Section 1303 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, undermining the clear text of the law.

Corpus Christi health insurance may undergo some changes if the current administration continues to follow through with plans to allow separate payments for elective procedures to be made together rather than separate in qualified health plans, according to a spokes person for Insurance4Dallas. If approved, the decision not only would undermine what the previous administration tried to do during its time in office as well as go against the clear text of the law in the interest of making things easier on Americans.

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According to an article in the Daily Signal, Section 1303 requires that insurers collect a separate payment for certain procedural coverages in qualified health plans approved to be sold on exchanges and keep those separate payments in separate accounts used only to pay for some elective services. When the Obama administration was in office, this requirement was not enforced — including for those who have health insurance in Corpus Christi. The Trump administration wanted to correct the problem, but the Biden camp wants to harken back to what Obama had in place. Naysayers of this decision insist that taxpayer dollars end up becoming entangled in elective procedures as-a-result of ignoring this rule. The Heritage Foundation said in a comment, “In summary, federal law under Obamacare’s accounting and notice requirements regarding elective procedural coverage is unambiguous. The law requires separate—that is, two distinct—payments for certain elective services and other services covered under a policy. The law requires that a separate allocation account be used exclusively to pay for elective controversial services. And the law requires that consumers have transparency regarding coverage for these elective procedures.”

Rick Thornton, a Corpus Christi health insurance agent said “the Biden administration should rigorously not enforce Section 1303’s requirements and rewrite the law. Provisions of the proposed rule that do not faithfully implement the law passed by Congress should be withdrawn.”

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