Corporate Moving Services Available Now

Elite Executive Services releases new information on their relocation services. More information can be found on their website

Those who are hoping to move to Australia can now seek advice from Elite Executive Services. This week Kathy Nunn released information on their relocation services from the UK to Australia.

The international relocation services are designed to target UK residents who are looking at relocating to Australia and includes:

On call dedicated consultant – By having an assigned consultant it helps familiarise clients with their destination city prior to the move. It helps those who need to make an informed decision or for those who need the extra reassurance that local knowledge brings.

Orientation Service – This part of the service is essential for customers as it will give them the information and confidence they need to make an informed decision and to feel confident in making the move.

Welcome starter pacl – Elite Executive Services provides a detailed welcome pack full of compact information about the chosen city in Australia. Customers of this international relocation service will appreciate this as it will help boost their research about schools, jobs, the locals and much more.

More information about the Corporate Moving Services can be found on their website,

Kathy Nunn, when asked about their relocation services said:

“Migrants demand authoritative and comprehensive Australian immigration information quickly. Our relocation service provides the best information and advice, gathered from over 17 years of experience in the immigration sector. While surfing the net can be confusing, misleading and more time consuming than many would like to admit, Elite Executive Services helps you cut through the clutter and plan a smooth relocation.”

This is the latest offering from Elite Executive Services and Kathy Nunn is particularly excited about this service.

Those interested in learning more about Elite Executive Services and their relocation services can do so on the website at

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