Corporate Finance Micromasters Program – Risk Analysis Online Course Launched

edX has partnered with MIT to launch a Finance Micromasters program. Students will learn about hedging, risk analysis, valuation methods, and other aspects of corporate finance.

edX, an educational company in San Diego that provides online learning courses and programs, has launched the MITx Micromasters Program in Finance. The course aims to equip students for a career in corporate finance.

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The recently launched course is offered by edX in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. It includes five graduate-level courses and takes one year and three months to complete. Students will be required to undertake between 10 to 14 hours of study per week during the course and will complete a series of assignments and exams.

The course provides accelerated learning and is ideally suited to early-to–mid-stage professionals, recent graduates, and others seeking a career in finance. Throughout the course, students will learn about the fundamentals of modern finance and study topics such as capital structure, corporate management risk, yield curve analysis, and corporate finance. More information can be found by visiting

A STEM-based curriculum is included as part of the launch. It includes two foundation courses in finance that help students understand financial markets and data-driven insights. They will also learn about investment management and valuation models. Other modules on the program include Financial Accounting, Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance, and Derivatives Markets: Advanced Modeling and Strategies. In these modules, students will learn about quantifying, hedging, statistics, and more.

Upon completion, the company says graduates should be equipped with the skills and expertise required for a career in finance. They will be qualified to undertake several in-demand finance roles, such as financial analyst, personal finance advisor, and credit controller. The company explains that the demand for data-driven jobs currently accounts for 19 percent of all job openings.

Graduates will receive a Micromasters certificate, a certification that shows a deep understanding of the topic and can help individuals complete an advanced degree.

edX offers flexible online educational programs in partnership with more than 160 universities across the United States. They provide a wide range of executive educational programs, professional certificates, MicroMasters Programs, Online Masters Degrees, and more.

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