Coronavirus Income Generator Expert Sales Guide For Small Businesses Launched

A new guide aimed at small businesses and individuals affected by coronavirus has been launched to help people generate regular income streams through digital marketing.

A new income generation guide for small businesses and individuals affected by the global coronavirus pandemic has been launched by digital marketing expert Lino Curci, based in Rome, Italy.

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The newly launched income generation and sales guide is designed to provide small businesses, independent business owners and freelancers with practical advice and guidance. It utilizes the 3 Page Sales Machine system developed by Lino Curci, a professional speaker, coach and digital marketing expert.

For over 20 years, the 3 Page Sales Machine approach has helped businesses to achieve sustainable growth, increased brand visibility as well as revenue and profits. It works in any niche, industry or market and is applicable to products, services and ideas.

The premise of the 3 Page Sales Machine is to develop a three-point sales strategy that is repeatable, replicable and can be applied to individual products and services, not just a company. The first step is to focus on sales.

Sales are important to any business, particularly when they are online. Focusing on generating regular sales can ensure a business gets paid repeatedly while working on the next step of the strategy. Using email lists and databases for promotions, sales and engagement can help businesses generate income.

The 3 Page Sales Machine suggests the biggest obstacle businesses face is obscurity and the fact people are unaware of them. Building authority in an area can help businesses and individuals to build trust and develop a relationship with potential customers.

Step two involves digital marketing techniques including content creation via blog posts, social media marketing, video marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – all of which can help people to create a regular income stream while moving on to step three.

The last step encourages businesses and individuals to build 3 Page Sales Machines for other people, which provides income as people sell the same successful system implemented within their business.

A company spokesperson said: “The 3 Page Sales Machine is a unique approach that breaks down contemporary digital marketing techniques in such a way, any business, company or individual can apply them to increase revenue.”

“During the global coronavirus outbreak, many people have suffered income losses. This practical and actionable guide is designed to help people around the world get back on track,” they added.

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