Corona Riverside Orange County Personal Chef Services Bistro Cuisine Announced

Brother 2 Brother Catering services announces the launch of their new personal chef service in different locations in California. The men, Randy and James have over 40 years of culinary experience between them. The personal chef service offers barbecues, bistro and gourmet food.

Chef James at Brother 2 Brother catering announces the launch of a new personal chef service. The service is catered to Southern California including Corona, Orange County, Riverside and surroundings. Brothers James and Randy are committed to working with each customer to create unique and personalized menus that are executed perfectly.

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Brother 2 Brother started unofficially 15 years ago when the two chefs were called to cater for a brunch celebration for senior citizens. Randy and James had built up a reputation among family and friends for their remarkable culinary skills. However formal recognition as chefs came from clients over the years, beginning on their first order.

From that beginning, their first official order was for another celebration where they catered for about 80 guests. There was no looking back after that and there were many enquiring about where their restaurant was located.

James launched his career in the culinary field as the manager of a small fish and chips chain. James is an innovative and evolving chef and continually reinvents his methods and menus by attending classes and watching master-chefs in action. Randy, now a consultant, is a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Academy and worked as the head chef of the University of California, Riverside, for 24 years. He has also worked as a DJ and is known to be a master at Barbecues.

Brother 2 Brother personal chef services brings the customer a variety of cuisines such as French Creole, Barbecue, French Bistro, American Bistro and other Gourmet cuisines such as Italian, Mediterranean and much more. Only the best ingredients are selected from vendors personally approved by the two chefs. They offer flexible meal options such as All-Organic and menus that require more courses than the standard three course plan.

For diners in the Costa Mesa area the chefs will be starting tasting menu dinners in their commercial kitchen in Costa Mesa on December 10th. The chefs will also be offering high end meals for 10 couples starting in February to celebrate Valentines. Each meal will be a custom design meal with different themes and courses. The 5 course meals will feature local winemakers for each meal and will focus on White house menus for some of the best known presidents. For example diners might experience what presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or Franklin Delano Roosevelt served at the White House for Christmas dinner. For more information or to book a tasting, visit the website at the link given above.

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