Cordless Hand Massager – Electric Natural Chronic Pain Treatment Launched

Hanzzen has announced the launch of an automatic hand massager that treats a variety of symptoms. The Canadian company aims to make pain-free hand function attainable and convenient.

The company’s new hand massager provides customers with a deep tissue massage that decreases swelling and restores movement.

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People with bone and joint pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neuropathy now have a non-invasive at-home treatment available with Hanzzen’s massager.

Research has shown that hand massages offer several benefits, including relaxation and pain relief. Many people seek treatment from hand therapists, but proximity, time, and costs of therapy can often make obtaining consistent treatment difficult. Hanzzen’s automatic massager solves these issues by providing an at-home treatment that can supplement or replace traditional hand therapy.

The cordless massager offers a convenient and portable treatment option. To operate the product, users simply need to turn it on, place their hand inside, and enjoy the massage for a recommended 15 minutes. More information is available at

Hanzzen’s hand massager boasts a variety of benefits. Firstly, it stimulates the nervous system by targeting specific points on the hand. This stimulation sends signals to the brain that catalyze the release of endorphins and lower cortisol.

Users also experience enhanced mood and relaxation, which results in decreased anxiety. The massager stimulates spaces between the four topmost fingers to produce this calming effect.

Increased circulation achieved by Hanzzen’s massagers removes blockages in the body. This allows different organs and glands to receive more blood flow, boosting function and heightening energy levels. Hand massage’s circulatory effects can also decrease swelling, making Hanzzen’s products especially useful for arthritis or autoimmune disease.

By directly targeting specific pain receptors, hand massagers serve as a natural treatment alternative for those who experience chronic headaches. The thumb and index finger contain the most valuable contact points for headache relief.

About Hanzzen

Hanzzen, based in Toronto, ON, is a wellness company that specializes in hand health. The company aims to provide all-natural solutions for those who live with chronic hand pain.

A satisfied customer said: “My mother has been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, and this product is helping her so much!”

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