Cordera Launches Site Featuring Innovative Products And Comprehensive Covid Data

Gadget News provides time saving info about new and innovative gadgets. Visitors will get 2 video series "Living & Coping With Covid 19" and the "How to Make a Living From Home With Clickbank".

Every visitor to the newly launched Gadget News website will receive a welcome gift of the highly acclaimed 10 video series, “Living & Coping With Covid 19”. This highly informative series includes videos such as “Fun Activities You Can Do At Home With Your Family”, “How To Entertain Your Kids At Home During The Covid 19 Lock Down” and “How To Boost Your Immune System Today.” There are seven more timely and valuable videos in thIs easy to understand and entertaining series that is available free for all visitors.

The Gadget News website provides fresh daily news and reviews about the latest gadgets that can make your life easier, while saving you both time and money. Not only are these best selling gadgets helpful for you, but they make wonderful and much appreciated Holiday gifts for friends and loved ones, as well. One of the most popular features on the site is it’s list of the top 50 best selling gadgets this year. The following are just a few among those provided on that list:

1. Best Wifi Extenders – Get a WiFi extender with a WiFi signal booster that will increase your internet speed!

2. Pest Repellents – The best mosquito repellent is an ultrasonic pest repeller.

3. Ear Cleaning Kit – For the best ear wax removal ever.

4. Amazon Weighted Blanket – The ultimate calming weighted blanket for anxiety!

5. Best Knife Sharpener – Fom dull to razor sharp in minutes! Knife sharpener ‘how to guides’ come with every unit.

6. Personal Alarm – Instantaneous Thief & Aggressor Deterrent! Get a personal alarm for safety.

7. Hair Removable – Silky Smooth Legs Effortlessly! The hair removal laser price is non-existent with a Flawless unit.

8. Dog Grooming Supplies – You won’t have to type ‘dog grooming near me mobile’ in google ever again when you have your own dog grooming kit!

9. Bad Breath – Bid Farewell To Halitosis Forever With Treatments And A Tongue Scraper.

10. DroneX Pro – This Portable Drone With A Camera Is The Most Extraordinary Innovation In 2020.

Of the remaining 40, some of the coolest gadgets are the kitchen gadgets.

In addition to the most current information about the most popular and helpful gadgets, as a public service, the Gadget News website has up to the minute Covid 19 news and statistics from around the world. This data is especially helpful when considering taking a trip and trying to find a safe country to visit for your next vacation..

Also, every new visitor will receive the 12 video series, “How to Make a Living In Affiliate Marketing From Home With Clickbank”. In today’s working environment, the new reality is that many people will have to learn how to make a living from home due to the widespread covid19 lock downs. These videos can help get you started in the right direction.

As an added benefit, this unique website has a section on Coupon Codes to help you save money during these challenging times. Among the thousands of links to discount codes for products you use everyday, here is a sampling of what’s available for you: Accessories (5,124 coupons), Art/Photo/Music (772 coupons), Automotive (699 coupons), Beauty (2,604 coupons), Careers (30 coupons), Clothing And Apparel (9,914 coupons), Department Stores/ And Malls (19,429 coupons), Games & Toys (716 coupons), Health and Wellness (5,605 coupons) and Travel (1,071 coupons) and many more. Whether shopping for yourself and your family, or searching for the perfect gift for a friend, this is the place to start to find the best deal.

When asked about the the features that make the Gadget News website unique, CEO Ray Corbett listed three:

1. Providing the latest news and reviews on the best time saving gadgets and innovations, in addition to it’s list of the top 50 Gadgets.

2. Providing Covid 19 news and statistics, updated every 30 minutes, to keep the public informed about this ongoing pandemic.

3. Providing 1000’s of money saving coupons to help people save money during the Covid 19 lock down when many are unable to work.

Mr Corbett went on to say that although the main focus of the Best New Gadgets website is news and reviews of the most popular selling gadgets, in his opinion, many people will visit the site to get the latest, most comprehensive Covid !9 data that just isn’t available on most other sites. He added that the same thing will be true for consumers looking for the best money saving coupon deals.

To find out more about the many features and benefits of this highly informative site Gadget News visit .

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