Coral Springs Roofing Experts Sees Increase In Roofing Inquires

Coral Springs Roofing Experts sees increase in both inbound phone calls and internet inquiries as South Florida experiences almost non stop rain for over 10 days.

Coral Springs Roofing Experts located in South Florida has seen a recent influx of new inquiries from homeowners experiencing problems with their roofs due to large amounts of rain.

Summertime in southern Florida can also be called the rainy season, as it will often rain on a daily basis. The past few weeks however have seen almost non-stop rain with very little sunshine that the “sunshine state” is known for. Naturally when this happens many people will become aware of the fact that their roofs are compromised, often by seeing leaks spring inside the house.

A great many homes in Florida have flat roofs over part of their home, oftentimes at the seam where these flat roofs connect to the main roof pooling of water can take place resulting in leaking and water damage to both the interior and exterior of the home. This can lead to a slew of other issues such as mold and drywall damage.

Recently due to the basically non-stop rain Coral Springs Roofing Experts has gotten more phone calls and internet inquiries from homeowners who need help with either repairs or outright replacements of the roof. The bad news is this can be quite costly to fix, however the good news is that if you have homeowners insurance there is a good chance that the roof replacements may be covered and not make the homeowner need to come out of pocket very much.

A representative of Coral Springs Roofing Experts had this to say, “Between late May and the end of hurricane season we normally see a massive uptick in people that are looking to fix or replace their roofs. It is advisable if you have spotted a leak to address this issue ASAP before we move into the middle of what many weather experts are saying may be a very destructive hurricane season.”

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