Coral Springs Roofing Experts Hire More Help For Summer Rainy Season

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Coral Springs Roofing Experts make key hires to help better manage the summer rainy months ahead.

It is now June, and in southern Florida, that means daily rainstorms should begin any day now. With the rain come leaks in many homeowner’s roofs throughout the region. The Coral Springs Roofing Experts have had a record year in 2021 thus far and anticipate many more calls for help than usual over the next 3-4 months. This has made the roofing contractors working with Coral Springs Roofing Experts make many new hires to handle the increased volume.

The hires include two new salespeople, two new hires for permit pulling and running, and three additional roofing crews. All three of these areas are vital in helping grow and making sure the workflow is being processed and completed promptly.

Working quickly will give a significant advantage to those working with the Coral Springs Roofing Experts. Many homeowners call for roof repairs during these busy summer months only to be told by roofer after roofer that they can’t fix their issue for days, sometimes weeks! This is not very acceptable for people that have water leaking into their homes.

Jonathan, a roofing specialist, partnered with the Coral Springs Roofing Experts, had this to say, “Summer is always a hectic time for the roofing industry down here in South Florida. With daily thunderstorms and potential hurricanes, many roofers have jobs booked non-stop throughout this time. Our goal with all these new hires is to make it so we don’t have to turn people away if we get swamped. This can only be done by having a large enough staff to quickly pull needed permits and then have the crew do the job. We do think we’re set up now to accomplish our goals this summer.”

For those living in the Coral Springs area that needs roofing help, whether they be simple repairs or a full roof replacement, be sure to visit the Coral Springs Roofing Experts. They provide Free Estimates and offer competitive pricing and have financing options available.

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