Coral Springs Roofing Experts Finish 2021 With Impressive Year-End Numbers

The Coral Springs Roofing Experts have seen a huge increase in business from 2020 to 2021, despite the many challenges that have faced the roofing industry in South Florida.

The year 2020 was quite a challenging one for many in the roofing industry, with the devastation brought by the pandemic creating even further challenges in 2021. Yet, despite the increase and material cost and shortages of many vital materials, the Coral Springs Roofing Experts have more than tripled their revenue in 2021 compared to 2020! While much of this is due to happy customers referring others, a significant part of it is the successful advertising campaigns on the internet.

Another contributing factor to the growth in 2021 has been the migration of people to Florida. A handful of states have seen a surge in population growth due to the pandemic, and Florida is amongst the leaders in that category. Many of these newcomers are well aware that there is the chance of hurricanes in Florida and thus want to ensure the roof overhead is secure and in good shape. This flurry of new Floridians is helping to increase the numbers for many roofing and construction companies.

An edge that the Coral Springs Roofing Experts have maintained recently is their partnerships with distributors and manufacturers. There have been many shortages in the last year that have increased prices for materials and increased the time a project takes to complete. Particularly with tile, there has been a huge ongoing tile shortage. However, the Coral Springs Roofing Experts can get tiles rather quickly, considering the challenges laid forth.

Jonathan, a representative of the Coral Springs Roofing Experts, had this to say, “We’ve had a great year, we came into 2021 with a clear plan in place for growth, and we are happy that plan is working out. We didn’t foresee how busy we would get with all the new Florida residents, but it is much welcomed. We offer free estimates for all roof repair and roof replacement projects. We are gearing up to have an even more impressive 2022.”

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