Coral Gables Roofing Experts Prepare For Roof Replacement Season

The Coral Gables Roofing Experts are prepared for a busy winter season, with many roof replacement projects on the docket already. In preparation they have had to hire additional roofing crews to meet the demand.

The Coral Gables Roofing Experts, who service Coral Gables and the surrounding areas with high-quality roof repair and replacement services, are preparing for an active winter. The assumption is that the summer months are extra busy for roofers. However, that assumption is only somewhat correct, as most companies are busy with roof repairs.

During the summer, countless phone calls come in for leaking roofs, many of which are salvaged via a repair job. But some homes will need a replacement, and if possible, many homeowners elect to wait for the replacement when the daily rains stop. For South Florida, that would be when hurricane season ends; in addition, the heat is much more tolerable, making it far easier for roofing crews to complete roof replacements in a timely fashion.

The Coral Gables Roofing Experts already have numerous roof replacements scheduled for the coming months, with many more anticipated. As a result of such demand for new roofs, more roofing crews are needed. On top of the normal flow of winter, where people look to get their roofs replaced, there is an influx of newcomers to Florida from out of state.

Jonathan, a representative of the Coral Gables Roofing Experts, had this to say, “This summer was extremely busy, more so than we’ve seen in recent years. A lot of this demand for roofing work is from so many people moving down to Florida. We’re known nationwide as an area prone to hurricanes, so it’s understandable that newcomers want to ensure their roof is new, sturdy, and up to code if a hurricane comes blowing through. It’s highly encouraged to address your roof now because of the shortages for tile; many roofing projects are experiencing big delays, at times even months. Many homes in Coral Gables are roofed with tile, so if the desire is to have a new tile roof before next hurricane season, then now is the time to act, not next spring.”

For homeowners living in or around the Coral Gables area that have roofing needs check out the The Coral Gables Roofing Experts offer free estimates for all roof replacement projects and can help access roof financing options.

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