COPD Symptom Relief – Drug-free AirPhysio Mucus Clearance OPEP Breathing Device

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Life Wellness Healthcare has launched AirPhysio, a new OPEP device for individuals with hypersecretory conditions including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, and bronchiectasis.

The launch of AirPhysio offers patients a non-invasive breathing device that is safe for children, adults, and the elderly. It is recommended by medical professionals for the reduction of COPD symptoms. The award-winning product has been featured on Australian television as a drug-free lung expander.

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The new product by Life Wellness Healthcare provides a form of lung physiotherapy as it enables the body to clear any mucus blocking the airways without the use of chemicals or expensive medical equipment. AirPhysio is a handheld device that uses oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) to loosen and mobilize secretions.

Hypersecretory conditions like COPD cause breathing difficulties and excessive mucus production. When the mucus is attached to the airway walls, it begins to obstruct airflow, reducing the amount of oxygen that can be absorbed by the lungs, causing breathlessness. Many of these conditions are not fully reversible and require years of intervention to manage symptoms.

OPEP devices are among the latest treatment and prevention devices that are beginning to replace active cycle breathing exercises and postural drainage and percussion. AirPhysio is an inexpensive, efficient, and easy-to-use OPEP device that uses high-frequency oscillations to loosen and move mucus out of the lungs.

Additionally, the consistent use of AirPhysio strengthens the lungs, improves breathing patterns, increases lung capacity, and reduces gas trapping, preventing COPD patients from developing severe symptoms.

The new device can be used to prevent or treat asthma, atelectasis, emphysema, and other respiratory conditions associated with mucus accumulation. Life Healthcare Wellness recommends that the optimal usage of the device is 1 to 3 times per day for at least 5 minutes.

About Life Wellness Healthcare

Life Wellness Healthcare is an Australian supplier of respiratory devices, dedicated to providing natural high-quality lung exercise apparatus to patients with chronic lung diseases. The company now supplies AirPhysio devices to customers across the United States and Canada.

A satisfied customer states: “This product is easy to use and it has helped me improve my breathing naturally. Having only used this product for a couple of weeks, I can already feel a difference. I’m very satisfied with the quality of this product. I can breathe better and that makes me feel better overall.”

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