Coolsculpting Cost Has Become More Affordable In St. Lucie According to Medspa

Cost of Coolsculpting can be intimidating at first, however, according to New Radiance Coolsculpting St. Lucie, it is by far the safer and more affordable option.

Port St. Lucie, Florida- More and more folks across Florida are looking for alternatives for invasive procedures which might give them the “quick fix”, but come with a multitude of side effects and recovery time. But perhaps the hardest hit comes from price tag. These types of treatments can cost customers anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the size of the area and the facility performing the treatments.

Coolsculpting, however is a safe, effective, cheaper, and non-invasive alternative to these expensive procedures and is available all over the South Florida area at New Radiance Med Spas.

New Radiance in St. Lucie, Florida is the go-to destination for the “cool” procedure which has recently become more popular due to social media as well as segments on daytime talk shows and news casts. Nearly everyone has heard of the procedure, however most probably don’t realize it is actually affordable for almost any budget, especially at New Radiance in St. Lucie, FL.

According to the New Radiance website, Next Generation CoolSculpting can deliver the results their clients have always wanted. New Radiance Coolsculpting St. Lucie is providing folks seeking out the effective treatment a great discount. Right now at New Radiance Coolsculpting is Buy 3 Get 1 Free – 25% Off – plus they are offering $750 in Free Bonus Treatments to go along with their treatment plan, which will be laid out for their clients during an in-depth consultation at the cosmetic center.

The Coolsculpting clinic is offering the free bonus treatments in the form of Z Wave Acoustic Shock Wave (ASW) to double the results of Coolsculpting as well as the Exilis Ultra, a $399 treatment, also absolutely FREE! The clinic recommends anyone interested to request a free consultation for the all-new next generation CoolSculpting in Port St. Lucie.

The cosmetic center can be contacted at 772-403-9771 for further information.

The consultations as well as the treatments are only performed with and by highly trained and educated staff members at New Radiance Cosmetic Centers, new clients can stop in the office for a visit at 318 Northwest Bethany Drive Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

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