Coolest Top Trending Matte Lip Stain & Longest Lasting Liquid Lipstick Announced

The increasingly popular long lasting and smudge-proof liquid lipsticks, which have recently surpassed red lipsticks as the most ‘googled’ type of lipstick, are now available in a premium and affordable 3-color set which includes a moisturizing formula to avoid ‘dry feeling’ at Radiant Complex.

The prominent Radiant Complex announced an expansion of its cosmetics and personal care line featuring the increasingly popular liquid lipsticks, which have surpassed the search for ‘red lipstick’ as the most searched lipstick genre on Google.

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Liquid lipsticks are an increasingly popular beauty solution among celebrities, fashion bloggers and the ‘chic’ female demographic due to its vibrant, lightweight and lip-gloss like consistency which conveniently dries on the lips to stay evenly put for longer than solid lipsticks without smudging or fading.

The trending liquid lipsticks, which have recently overtaken even the traditional red lipsticks as the most ‘googled’ type of lipstick, are now available at an affordable price with one of the most popular cosmetics and personal care brands, Radiant Complex, in a premium 3-color pack set ideal for everyday wear.

The premier and original Radiant Complex liquid lipstick set combines the popular and trendy features of liquid lipsticks by providing a smudge-proof and long wearing color/stain that is easy to apply evenly with just one coat and stays in place without the need to reapply it with a moisturizing formula containing vitamin E and avocado oil to add moisture instead of leaving the lips feeling dry.

More information on increasingly popular and trending liquid lipsticks and the premium three color pack set available on Amazon can be consulted on the website link provided above along with details on the company’s leading, pure, safe and reliable US-based manufacturing process with no animal testing or multiple client testimonials supporting its commitment to providing unparalleled beauty products and solutions that live up to their promise.

The Radiant Complex explains that “we are all about helping our clients look and feel their absolute best and committed to being the brand they can look to for real solutions for their everyday beauty problems. Their search for the perfect liquid matte lip color is over with this 3 pack set offering a variety of wearable everyday colors that are going to look gorgeous. No more worrying about smudging, reapplying or the color ending up on the glass instead of staying on the lips. Compared to other liquid lip stains, this is simply the best that money can buy”.

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