Cool ADA Website Compliance Service For Accountants Dentists Online Businesses

ADA Web and Pro announced their new range of professional ADA compliance services, including a FREE 50% compliance solution for any online business working towards its website fully complying with WCAG standards.

ADA Web and Pro Website Compliance Services announced the launch of an updated range of ADA compliance services for businesses throughout the United States. The company can help stores, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, museums, doctor’s offices, and other types of businesses become ADA-compliant.

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The newly launched ADA compliance services at ADA Web and Pro aims to help businesses avoid legal issues and achieve ADA compliance. In these difficult times they offer a free 50% compliance solution to help any online business towards full compliance.

All Americans with Disabilities require that businesses make accessibility accommodations to enable them to access the same services as clients without disabilities. Businesses are now required by Law to provide a website experience that works well for individuals who are disabled.

The team at ADA Web and Pro will help any businesses remove barriers to communication and interaction with disabled people on their site. They can create high-quality websites and web tools that do not exclude the disabled from using their products and services.

The experts at ADA Web and Pro can conduct a comprehensive evaluation of each client’s website and develop a strategy for facilitating the accessibility transformation of their business.

By making their website ADA compliant, businesses can also improve their SEO efforts. ADA Web and Pro can help them integrate text alternatives, time-based media, keyboard accessibility, navigation and readability into their website, while improving and achieving their SEO goals.

These ADA compliance services can also help businesses reach their target audience more effectively, provide presentable and understandable information to all users, and avoid penalties. They will create a better user experience and increase profitability and overall company success.

There were nearly 40 million Americans with a disability in 2015, representing 12.6% of the civilian non-institutionalized population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Thus ADA compliance opens the door to significant business opportunities

Currently, ADA Web and Pro can help businesses make their website 50% compliant at no cost.

A spokesperson for the company said: “If your website isn’t already accessible so people with disabilities of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive ability can use it, making it accessible is essential in your 2020 digital strategy.”

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