Says Cooking Healthy Can Still Taste Great

In response to an article published by the Laurinburg Exchange,, a directory of culinary arts schools, explains how people can make even healthy meals taste great

BOHEMIA NY / /, an online directory of culinary arts schools, reveals how average cooks can make healthy food taste great during National Nutrition Month.

According to a March 7th article posted on the Laurinburg Exchange titled "Tips for enhancing taste of healthy foods," it can be hard for many people to cook food in a healthier manner. Typically, most people assume healthy food has to taste bland and plain, as to avoid any excess calories. However, cooking healthy can actually taste great!

The article says there are ways to enhance the taste of certain foods. "To get the most out of food's flavor and nutrition, start with foods at their peak quality," the article explains. "You might also want to know it's important to handle and store foods properly, because poor storage can destroy flavor and quality. Cooking can't improve poor-quality foods, but it can enhance the flavors of high quality foods."

In honor of National Nutrition Month, Andrew Girard, a representative at Cooking, a leading directory of culinary arts schools, discusses five ways people can cook healthy without sacrificing taste:

1. Use a small amount of ingredients with big flavor- "While you do want to keep each meal relatively simple, you also want to add flavor," he says. "Pick a few ingredients that have bold flavors, such as chipotle pepper or cilantro."

2. Broil, grill or pan-sear meat- "These types of cooking methods tend to intensify the flavor of the meat you are cooking, whether it's beef, poultry or fish," Girard says.

3. Don't forget to add citrus- "To add a bit of tang to your dish, try lime or lemon peels," he says. "Adding some citrus juice can also spruce up foods and give them a fresh taste."

4. Grill vegetables- "Don't forget to eat your vegetables," he says. "They are packed with nutrients and can have more flavor when grilled. Grilled peppers tend to taste sweeter than raw peppers, for example. Add these to any dish for a more balanced meal."

5. Don't neglect condiments- "Condiments such as horseradish, salsa, or mustard can also increase flavor without packing on the calories."

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