Conway SC ADA Compliance Analysis Local Business Website Service Launched

Media Content Consulting in Conway, South Carolina has launched a complimentary analysis of all websites for ADA Compliance. This service helps local businesses avoid needless lawsuits.

Media Content Consulting, located in Conway, South Carolina has launched an ADA compliance analysis for all website owners. ADA compliance in all content presented online is now mandated by the Federal government.

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The launch of a complementary ADA compliance analysis was just launched by this leading digital marketing firm in Conway, South Carolina. Caroline Parsons, owner of the firm initiated the launch when she found out that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires website owners to make accommodations for people with disabilities in all their web content.

Since a Supreme Court judgment in 2018 over 1,500 legal cases were filed in NY alone. By 2021 the number of website owners projected to be sued for non-compliance is 100,000. And the ADA law does not even require notice before a lawsuit is filed.

Her complimentary analysis of websites for ADA compliance extends to all websites in the United States. In addition to ADA compliance analysis, Media Content Consulting helps local businesses grow businesses with online visibility & branding.

In conjunction with ADA compliance is the power of social media. Protecting an online reputation can keep a small business from the negative impact that one bad post can bring.

The public now has a voice and is not afraid to use it. Understanding what is necessary to ensure a quality reputation is part of Media Content Consulting’s marketing process.

Media Content Consulting specializes in distributing positive news stories to more than 450 high authority media websites. These websites are recognized by Google as high authority domains, resulting in massive exposure resulting in online marketing success.

When a local business is seen as being endorsed by in the media with local affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Yahoo! News and Reuters, the results can be dramatic. Often through this one strategy a local business can attain and maintain its spot in the coveted Google Money Pack.

Caroline shares, ” I can take a local business and increase their exposure in a matter of months. This is turn results in significant customer, client, or patient growth.” Her broad background in the marketplace may be viewed at

As Media Content Consulting launches nationwide ADA compliance analysis website owners can breathe a sigh of relief that they now have a solution to avoid frivolous lawsuits.

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